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Library: A Night Tale


Author: Rez
Date:Nov 2 1995

"Hurry", the Elf grumbled, "We are going to be late if you don't cease this
foolishness!"  I had nearly finished writing my letter and was not in the mood
to be pressed, however my friends was not one to which people said no.
"Another minute", I grumbled, "I can only write so quickly."
"What are you writing you grubby troll?", he asked.  "Oh nothing that you need
worry about", I said as i pulled out another sheet of parchment.
I continued my letter, and after awhile noticed some movement to my left.  I
looked up to find him reading over my shoulder.
"Damn you!", I swore, "Do I meddle in your business?"
The elf gave me a strange look.  "I see you know that one, interesting."
"I don't question who you associate with", I spat.
" I don't like that vampire", he said, a gleam of anger flashing in his eyes. 
I stared at him for a minute and said,"I don't give a damn if you do or
I quickly finished my letter and carried it outside for a waiting messenger. 
"That vampire should be destroyed!"
"I have heard the same said of you", I grinned.  "And yet you don't see a
blade in my hand for you."
He started to speak, but i waived my hand "im activating my guards, we had
best be going."

I wandered the city streets that night.  The night was so peaceful here, so
quite.  The Light races feared the night, just as well, more space for me. 
I stopped at a stand on the street to buy a trinket when I heard a familiar
voicce behind me.  "Hello again", the vampire hissed.  "Strange to see you
here."  I raised an eyebrow, " You know I prefer the darkness", I muttered. 
"I mean in the city", she said.  I shrugged, I didn't care much for the city,
with its corruption and thieves, but i did visit there on occasion.
" I got your message", I said.  "Then you will go with me?", she inquired.  I
nodded, " sounds like fun."  We made our way to the city gates as she
explained the rules of our adventure.

"We did it!", she shouted.  I smiled at her, "Yes a fine job indeed."  I was
crushed in a brief embrace.  So strange I though, to find happiness in the
company of a vampire.  Nearly all of my associates frowned on the creatures. 
I did not mind the company, after all, not many in the realms thought of
trolls as good company.  I had spent more than one night speaking to vampires
in their favorite haunts.

I was just getting to know this one, as she was even more reclusive than most
of her kind.  I could remember our first meeting, long ago, as if it had been
but yesterday.
I doubt she remembered, for I had changed much since my early youth.  That
meeting had kept me from departing the city for another land.  And had earned
her my unknown loyalty. 
I smiled, my eyes sparkling even in the dark I imagined.  "We will have to
adventure more", I said.  "We shall see", she waved me goodbye.

Short days later I was composing another letter to her when I was overcome.  I
cannot say if I passed out, or was griped by magic.  I began to write quickly,
quicker than I ever had before.  The words I wrote were scalding, monsterous
I saw it all happen but I could not stop!  My head pounded with pain as I
fought to gain control, but I failed, I sent the message.  I quickly
recovered, and immediately wrote an apology note, hoping that it would be
understood that i ment no harm.
No sooner had I sent the letter I was overcome again and wrote a series of
scathing letters.  I could not stop!  What thoughts were burnung in my brain? 
Were they mine?  I had never thought such things before! 
I quickly wrote another apology, knowing a full explination must be rendered
if she would speak to me again.. soon after I finished, I lapsed into
The next day I recieved a letter, I opened it, hoping it was an understanding
one.  My heart sank as I read it.  I dropped the letter to the ground and
hurried to a familiar spot.
"WHY should I believe you!" she screamed at me, "You will hurt me again!"
I could offer no further explaination.
I sighed.
"Why would I lie?  What can I gain from such a thing?"
"BEGONE! I I don't wish to see you any longer!"  Again my heart sank.  "But.."
I started, but it was no use she was leaving.  The walk home was possibly the
longest I can remember.  I was so lost in grief I could have wandered into the
ocean and not known.
Time has past now, and still I recieve no responses.  I have tried many
things, but I have failed.  I fear her lost to me.

If you know where to look you may find a troll waiting in a graveyard, or on a
hill.. waiting and hoping and searching..
Perhaps someday my soul will be lifted of this strange guilt, a guilt for
actions not my own.  Perhaps someday...