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Library: here, part 1


Author: Lum
Date:Feb 26 1998

Himeko:  (humming)
Teacher:  And, conversly, we factor this to n plus...
Himeko:  Yawn...
Minami:  Himeko is so cool...
Minami:  (tap tap) Hey!  Wake up!
Himeko:  But Poko-chan*, I don't. [-chan is an endearing suffix]
Minami:  (thinking) she's dreaming.
Minami:  (thinking) I'm feeling tired myself.
Minami:  zzz...
Narration:  The whole class fell asleep for Dori's lecture.
Dori:  It's flattering when people fall asleep for my lecture.
Dori:  It means, as a math teacher, I'm doing a good job.
Dori:  Now I can take my extra-long daily lunch break.
Dori:  The ever-rewarding life of a middle school teacher.
Himeko:  Zzz...
Watch:  Beep Beep...
Himeko:  Umf, yawn...
Himeko:  Wake up!  Lunchtime!
Minami:  I stayed up later than Himeko did!  Aren't I cool?
Himeko:  I'm hungry.
Classmate:  You seem to be eating a lot, Himeko.
Himeko:  (between bits) I'm still growing... I'm hungry.
Minami:  You sure you haven't another boyfriend?
Himeko:  (shake shake)
Minami:  She's been like this ever since-
Minami:  Every since her boyfriend Daichi went to
Minami:  The all-boys "prep academy".
(flashback)   Himeko:  Daichi going to a prep-academy?  No!
(flashback)  Icchan:  Maybe his dad heard he was a trouble-maker in school,
  and wanted to punish him.
Himeko:  Hmph.
Himeko:  Minami, are you going to eat that?
Minami:  I hate vegetables, here.
Himeko:  Thanks.
Himeko:  I'm still hungry.
Himeko:  It's because I'm lovesick.
(in bed)
Himeko:  Talk to me, Poko-chan.
Himeko:  What do you think I should do.
Himeko:  The year is up, I can't transform*.  (she can't transform w/o her
Daichi:  Even if I forget you, you'll still be in my class.
Himeko:  And...
Daichi:  Go on, boy, didn't you read the sign?
Himeko:  I'm not a boy!
Himeko:  Hmm...
Himeko:  At least I don't have to worry about him liking another girl.
Himeko:  Let's try going there tommorow.  Hmm, Pokota?
Himeko:  It's a boarding school, so I'll leave tommorow after school (tommorow
  is Friday).
Himeko:  I'll do it!
(author's note:  Once she puts her mind to something, she doesn't give up.)
(people getting on subway)
Himeko:  He'd better not have forgotten me.
Himeko:  It must be really bad for him, to have to go to a school like that.
Himeko:  But forgetting your girlfriend is unforgivable, I won't allow it.
Himeko:  (reading map) Just a little longer.
(misc. background noise)
Himeko:  I haven't forgotten you, Daichi.
Himeko:  We promised each other that one time, we'd never forget each other.
Daichi:  Who are you?  Who is this strange girl?!
(no longer dreaming)
Himeko:  Aaaaeih! (yelling)
Passanger:  Are you okay?  Girl?
Himeko:  I'm fine, I'm fine, it's nothing.
Himeko:  (thinking) What if it's like that?
Himeko:  (thinking)  It's this stop.
Himeko:  The air here doesn't smell very nice.
Himeko:  What kind of area is this?
(standing in front of school entrance)
Himeko:  ?
Himeko:  (thinking) Without any girls, this school must be very boring.
Himeko:  (thinking) I hope I don't stand out too much.
Boy:  What's that?
Boy 2:  It's called a girl.
Himeko:  Heh.
Teacher:  Hey!  A girl!
Himeko:  Damn.  It's been only a minute.
(Himeko runs toward crowd)
Teacher:  Come back here!  Girls aren't allowed here!
Himeko:  Biiii!
Guy:  Hey!  Don't push!  Oh, sorry.
Himeko:  I'd better just leave.
Guy 2:  Miss?  Are you a teacher?
Himeko:  Don't I look too young to be a teacher?!
Guy 3:  You can't be a student here.
Guy 3:  Are you someone's sister?
Himeko:  I'm a student's girlfriend.  I came here to see him.
Guy 2:  Whose?
Himeko:  (Kobayashi?) Daichi.
Guy 3:  Kobayashi Daichi?  Isn't he...
Guy 2:  !!
Teacher:  Get over here, girl!
Himeko:  Damn!
Himeko:  If you know him, please tell him Himeko stopped to try to see him.
(back on subway)
Himeko:  The school really doesn't like girls.
Himeko:  ...
Daichi:  Go on, boy, didn't you read the sign?
Himeko:  I'm not a boy!
(stops daydreaming)
Himeko:  Hmm...
(perhaps this is a well-known clothing store in Japan, I'm not sure.)
Himeko:  I'm looking for some clothes for my brother.  It's his birthday.
Clerk:  What size is he?
Himeko:  About the same as me.  We're twins.
Clerk:  Ah, then its your birthday too!  Don't forget to get something for
  yourself, also.
Himeko:  ...
Clerk:  This is our most popular brand.
Himeko:  That's what he said he liked.
(just getting home)
Himeko:  Hi mom!  I'm home!
Mom:  Where were you?  We were about to start dinner without you.
Himeko:  I was practising with the drama club.
Himeko:  I'll be right back.
Himeko:  (thinking)  I don't know about this...
Mom:  You sure eat a lot, Himeko.
Himeko:  I'm still growing, so I'm very hungry.
(click:  door locking)
Himeko:  Hmm...
Himeko:  The front of this shirt... that could be a problem.
Himeko:  I sprained my ankle.  Do you have an elastic bandage?
Himeko:  (thinking) Oops, i forgot to limp.
Himeko:  Here you go, thank you.
(closes windows)
Himeko:  (thinking) Like this.
Himeko:  Yep!  
Himeko:  It feels kinda funny...
(sleeping in class)
(eating lunch)
(caption:  The next week / Friday)
Minami:  Himeko!  Do you want to eat with me and Icchan after school?
Himeko:  No, I have to be at a drama club meeting.
Minami:  Oh, okay.
Himeko:  I'm home!
(window opening)
Himeko:  (thinking) I have to go out the window.
Himeko:  (thinking) This should do it.
Himeko:  (thinking) I hope my hair isn't too long.
Himeko:  (thinking) It feels funny, but this should work.
Himeko:  (thinking) ready!
Himeko:  (thinking) What about my voice?
Himeko:  It doesn't matter, does it, Poko-chan.
Himeko:  Its only for a day.
(subway noise)
girl 1:  That boy...
girl 2:  He's my type.
Himeko:  Heh.
Himeko:  (humming)
Himeko:  (thinking) Oops.
Boy 1:  Over here!  Over here!
(brushing hair back)
(sign:  administration building)
Himeko: (talking like a boy) Hi, I'm here to see my brother, Kobayashi Daichi.
Himeko:  He's my big brother.
(phone ringing)
Clerk:  Okay, wait.
Clerk:  You'll find him in 'C' dorm, room 27.
Himeko:  Thank you.
Himeko:  (thinking) I don't know where that is.
Himeko:  I'm looking for my brother.
Himeko:  Can you tell me how to get to 'C' dorm?
(It's the same teacher that chased her out before)
Teacher:  Sure, follow me.
Teacher:  Who's your brother?
Himeko:  It's Kobayashi Daichi (formal)
Teacher:  Kobayashi Daichi!  Err...
Himeko:  What's wrong?
Teacher:  ...
Teacher:  You sure I don't know you?
Himeko:  (thinking) Uh-oh.
Himeko:  This is the first time I've been here.
(note:  She uses 'atashi', which is feminine 'I'.)
Himeko:  (thinking) Oops.
Himeko:  I... I mean I, I've never seen you.
(note:  This time she uses 'Ore', which is boyish.)
Teacher:  You're... you're...
Teacher:  You're that girl from last week!
Himeko:  Damn!
Himeko:  In being a boy, I failed.
Teacher:  Come back here, you 'monster'!
Himeko:  Biii!
(in bed)
Himeko:  What do I do know?  In being a boy, I failed.
Himeko:  "Hime-Kick!"
Teacher:  Ouch!  My head!
(done imagining)
Himeko:  No.
Himeko:  Eep!  (gets an idea)
(sign:  Sato Academy / Night School)
Himeko:  Hello?  Excuse me?
Man:  ...
Man:  What!  Oh, sorry.
Man:  Can I help you?
Himeko:  Yes, sir, is there still room in course C-2?
Man:  Umm... that is...
Man:  !
Man:  There's always room there.
Himeko:  Thank you.
(sign on door:  C-2)
Himeko:  (thinking) Here it is.
Himeko:  (thinking) There's only 5 students.
Himeko:  (thinking) I don't know anyone.
Himeko:  Hmm...
Teacher:  I'm your teacher.
Teacher:  I'm Sato.  This academy was founded by my family.
Teacher:  So I'm the best teacher here.
Himeko:  (thinking) I hope the students here aren't too wierd.
Teacher:  This class is the most important class here, but most people don't
  realize that.
Teacher:  But we're smart, aren't we!  (hard to translate)
Himeko:  Yes!, teacher.
Teacher:  Everyone is here for this class.
(writing on board:  Boy impersonation for potential tomboys.)
Himeko:  (thinking) I'm not so sure about this.
Other students:  Yes.
Himeko:  (thinking) This is...
Teacher:  First, lets review why you'd want to be a boy.
(writing on board:  1) Opportunity, 2) Social, 3) Sports, 4) Business
  leadership position).
Himeko:  (cough)
Teacher:  The first reason is "increased opportunity".
Himeko:  (thinking) This teacher, she's quick.
Teacher:  If you want to be independent, you have to have a good job.
Teacher:  And to get a good job, you've got to have a good degree and all.
Teacher:  The best schools are either men-only, or they don't take girls'
Teacher:  So, you have to be a boy to get into a good academy, and be taken
Teacher:  That's what this class is about.
Teacher:  Understood?
Teacher:  Another reason is "social constraint".
Teacher:  You might want to belong to a boy-only club, or perhaps-
Teacher:  Play a boy character in a play, or on Television.
Teacher:  And that's how this could be useful.
Teacher:  Next, to play in sports on a boys team, instead of a girls one,
  because girls teams aren't at your level.
Teacher:  And finally for business opportunities, b'cos men in business don't
Teacher:  To be led by women.  That's it.
Teacher:  That's why this is a very important skill, for some girls.
Himeko:  ...
Himeko:  (thinking) She goes too quickly.
Teacher:  First, lets talk about language.
Teacher:  It's important to not use any words that only girls use.
Teacher:  But also not to "go overboard".
Teacher:  You have to make it sound like this is how you normally talk.
Himeko:  (thinking) I didn't know...
Himeko:  (thinking) That this class would be so serious.
Himeko:  (thinking) It was offered for free, so I didn't expect this.
Teacher:  First, we'll discuss how to refer to yourself.
Teacher:  (language stuff) When talking to other friends, use Boku.
Teacher:  You can use Ore also, but only for effect.  Don't overuse it.
Teacher:  And, when talking ofrmally, or in a business environment, use
Teacher:  This is very important.  Understood?
(author):  Why are you here?
Teacher:  Now, try reading some of the passages in this book.
Teacher:  Only, say them using what you've learned today.
Teacher:  Don't worrey about tone of voice yet-
Teacher:  Just concentrate on choice of words.
Teacher:  You seem good at this, why don't you go first.
Himeko:  !
Himeko:  (thinking) What did she mean by that?
Himeko:  Yes.
(this is a pretend phone conversation, the teacher reads the parts in the
book, the students responses are left blank.)
Teacher:  Okay, start by answering (start by answering the phone).
(note:  It's hard to translate the intricacies of what goes on here.)
Himeko:  I'm Himeko (she used 'Ore')
Teacher:  Hi, this is principle Sato of Miyamoto Prepatory Academy...
Himeko:  Yes, what?
Teacher:  Your daughter, Michie-san-
Teacher:  She hasn't showed up at school for the past 3 days.
Teacher:  Is there some-
Himeko:  (thinking) Oh no!  What do I say?
Himeko:  Listen, damn it, listen carefully.
Himeko:  Maybe she hates school, maybe she hates it b'cos of-
Himeko:  You!  Sato-chan! ('-chan', very disrespectful)
Teacher:  How dare you!  I'm the principle!  I'm the principle of-
Himeko:  And I'm the head of the PTA!  Excuse me!
Himeko:  If you have problems with my kid, keep them to yourself.
Teacher:  (thinking) Boy, she's really good at this.
Himeko:  Bye!
Teacher:  Stop... Stop...
Himeko:  (thinking) Maybe that was a little too far.
Teacher:  As a boy, you don't always need to be so threatening.
Teacher:  But you sure are good.
Himeko:  ..., Thanks.  It's since I'm in the drama club.
Teacher:  You must practice a lot.  Is that why you're here?
Teacher:  Taking this class?
Himeko:  (shake) ...
Himeko:  (thinking) I'm here... for this boy.
Teacher:  Okay, someone else try now.
(another bed scene)
Himeko:  (thinking) Obsessed?
Himeko:  (thinking) Am I obsessed with this?
Himeko:  (thinking) ...
Himeko:  I won't be defeated!
Himeko:  That's right, Poko-chan!
Himeko:  Go Go Go Go... Jump!
(noises:  crash!)
Aiko:  I can't believe she's still doing that.
Mom:  She's been doing that since she was 6.
Mom:  Could you move your face to the right a bit?
Yumeko:  Zzz...
Himeko:  That felt good.
Himeko:  But I'd better not do it again...
Himeko:  (thinking) My family complains.
Himeko:  (thinking) I'm going to take a bath.
(ah, the much discussed 'bath scene')
(author's note:  not 'perverted', not for perverts)
Himeko:  ...
Himeko:  (yawn)
Himeko:  Good night, Pokota.
Himeko:  (thinking) This is so stupid.
Himeko:  (thinking) It's too much work.  (It's not worth it)
Himeko:  ...
Himeko:  (sleeping) zzz...
(notes and stuff)
She describes how her cat had kittens and she had to keep them all, didn't
have the heart to give them away, so now her house is full of cats. Misc.
sweet talk.
(next issue)
(notes and stuff)
She talks about how this is (comparitively) a very long doujinshi, and that
she's glad it is so popular but doesn't understand why.  But she'll keep doing

Himeko:  (humming)
Himeko:  (thinking) I'll have them tricked easily, I'm glad.
Himeko:  (thinking) But, I should be proud of that?
Himeko:  (thinking) It's nothing to be embarassed about.  Girls do this all
the time.
Himeko:  (thinking) Right?  Don't they?
Himeko:  Big sister Aiko, have you ever had to be a boy?
Aiko:  What?  I don't understand?
Himeko:  Have you ever had to dress up and pretend to be a boy?
Aiko:  That's a funny question.  Of course not.  Why?
Himeko:  ...
Himeko:  I have to do it for drama class.
Aiko:  Why's that?
Himeko:  The drama club is mostly girls now.
Himeko:  So, we have to cast girls as boy characters.  There's no alternative.
Aiko:  That's wierd.  Historically, it's been the opposite.
Himeko:  Hm?
Himeko:  (thinking) Oh, I now.
Himeko:  I've studied (western drama) history.
Himeko:  (thinking) In europe, players were all-male.
Himeko:  (thinking) so men had to be cast as women.
Himeko:  But that was only in europe.
Aiko:  But for you, is that...
Himeko:  Is that what?
Aiko:  Nevermind.
Himeko:  ...
Teacher:  Today, we'll discuss tone (of voice) and manner.
Teacher:  You won't need to change your tone of voice too much.
Teacher:  But manner is important.
Teacher:  As (pretending to be) a boy, balance is important.
Teacher:  If you talk too much, you'll seem talkative.  If you don't talk
Teacher:  You'll be seen as under-assertive.