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Library: How to get things from Damogran


Author: Gunk
Date:Sep 12 2002

As a newbie, it can be hard to figure out how to get free equipment
from damogran.  Some might say it is easy- All you have to do is be
polite to him, and he will give you any of dozens of newbie equipment.
But one day I had a talk with Damogran- I said, "Damo- why dont you ever
give anyone anything good?" Damogran says to me, "I give wonderful
things to those who are polite!"  I said, "yeah, you give a bunch of crap
and you're avoiding the question, what about good eqs!" He says,
"I give the best I can get!" But I knew better.  I saw him standly there
smugly in his AWE-inspiring, famous, god-given cloak.  "How about your
cloak, old man? Give me that!" And he said, "NO! that i cannot give!"
So i told him one last time, "We can do this the easy way, or we can do
this the hard way, now give me the cloak and go back to the nursing home."
But Damogran wouldn't budge.  You have to give credit to the old guy,
For such an apparently feeble man lodging for eternity in the church
nursing home, he had some backbone.  But, I was greedy.  I called upon
seven or eight of my very closest friends: ewige,deathseeker,stalgrad,
dogi,druff,kiilgore, and a few others even volunteered to help 
bring down the batcity welfare system which was robbing each of us
slowly and keeping the good stuff for it(him)self. 

        We walked up to him all together, and I said, "last chance
old man! give me the cloak or I'll club you till the azheimer's
wont even help you forget me!" 
Damogran said, "haha, newbie! you cant even fight here, what are you 
going to do, emote me to death?"
At which point i took my staff of absorption, full of energy, and 
blasted him in the head with it! After that, we jumped on top of him,
starting a long winded battle with the (stronger than he looked) 
old codger- It was a six and a half hour pure-melee fight, which in the end,
finally resulted in the death of a batmud icon.  
    After that- we divvied up his loot in customary batmud fashion, 
and thought we were scot-free, when later that day even the gods took
notice of our deed.  In memory of Damogran, the gods bestowed upon
all of us a curse- for our treachery against good, we were condemned
to _never_ win any awards on batmud again, to have bad luck, and to be
considered criminals for eternity.  Was it worth it? the cloak dissapeared 
into the basement vaults of a hoarding highbie- the deed was forgotten
by mortals in a few weeks.  But we will always remember the day
that citizens of batcity stood up to the dark lord of donations
and took back what was ours.