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Library: a page from Zithromax's diary, 14.4.642


Author: Zithromax
Date:Jun 24 2002

This is a page of Zithromax's diary, from 14th day, 4th month of the year 642.

After a few years hard work we finally found old scrolls that reveals the
place of the Dragon Mountain. We heard the story about area from some fool
villager who escaped the wrath of dragons. First all just laughed at him, but
then he died on heart attack almost immediately after telling his story.

We searched the body as to identify who was this old man and we found an old
amulet around his neck. On the front of amulet was a picture of a dragon,
holding a wand on it's feets. The backside was more interesting: there was a
poem carved on amulet:

'In the middle of the desert,
at the land of the sand,
was a dark mountain,
that'd hide a big chance.

This terrible mountain,
was guarded with dragons,
the same old creatures,
that stole the man's wand.

Now all the hope is gone,
the wand was needed,
to save the village,
with the help of the Gods.'

All the information we managed to gather at Dragon's Claw Clan showed that the
old man's story was true and there was some village near that Dragon Mountain.
Also we got more information from Shadowkeep's library about this 'wand'
mentioned in amulet. It really seems that it is the forgotten Wand of the

The tale tells that the Wand of the Gods was created by Gods themselves, to
help all the elves, human, dwarves against the evil races, the orcs, giants
and other bloodlusty creatures.. Of course the choosen races didn't get to
mutual understanding about the location that would be good place to store the
wand. Dwarves wanted to store the wand inside their mountains(although dwarves
don't believe in magics), elves wanted to carry it in the forest, where the
wand should be impossible to be found by outsiders, and humans wanted to keep
it in their king's castle that would be well-protected. But then the Dragons
came and killed almost all who were present and took the Wand. And this is all
the tale tells, no-one has seen this wand after that day.

Now we have located the Dragon Mountain by old maps and we will take an
attempt to get inside of it. The Wand of the Gods will help all the races
again if we manage to find it. The storytelling old man warned us about the
dragons that would be there and we will be awake when it's time to enter the
mountain. Now it's time to search and buy that equipment and accessories we
need at the Mountain. Next week we will find that village the old man told us
about, and search more information there about the best route to the Mountain.

This is the end of the notes from 14th day, 4th month of the year 642 of
Zithromax's diary.