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Library: How To Read My Books, an Appendix.


Author: Yari
Date:Nov 2 1995

How to read my books:

Actually, the process of reading them is quite simple.  There is one 
thing to do:  read it slowly.  Don't skim them, they're much better 
when you really take a moment to digest them.

Now that you have leisurely read them...what now?
Please take the following steps:
1: Consider for a moment the book you just read, gather your 
thoughts about it.

2: Write me a quick note about it(mudmail plz).  In the note, tell 
   - Book title.
   - If you liked it, or didn't like it.
      -What about it did you like/not like?
        (please supply reasons)
   - A comparison against my other books, rating it, so to speak.
      (please supply reasons)
   - A comparison against your most favorite other book in the 
      library(just a simple liked it better/liked the other one 
   - Ideas/suggestions about this book or others, or original topics 
      that you think would be neat books.

   Why should you do this?  Most authors are not so uppity as to whine 
that they want mail about the books, why should I?  Well, I spend a 
lot of time on my books, and largely, am rather proud of the 
results.  I hope that people enjoy them, and without feedback, I 
tend to think that people don't.  Silence, to me, means that you 
aren't reading them, which does not encourage me to write more, if 
you like them.(or improve them if you do not.)

So, I guess that's all I wanted to tell you.  Go on and read some of 
my books and the others here, I am sure the authors will be happy to 
hear from you.

Yari the Prolific.