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Library: How to write Books


Author: Kyra
Date:Nov 2 1995

Hello and welcome to BATMUD public library.

This is just a short document to show you how to write a book. The editor is
the same as the one you use for mail and news but it has an extra feature
COLOUR which not all of you can see (only those with an ansic terminal can see
it), but BOLD and REVERSE are also supported. To use the colours, type
@@colour@@ where colour can be black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan,
white, light_black, light_red, light_green, light_yellow, light_blue,
light_magenta, light_cyan or light_white.
It is important that all the colours are written in lower_case (eg green and
NOT GREEN) To turn colour off or to stop bold or reverse use normal between @@.
Finally if you have trouble using @@ in your text, try using double_at between
two @@s.
All this is detailed in the help function of the editor (~? in the editor).
Have fun writing lots of usefull books.