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Library: Idiotic tells (constantly under progress)


Author: Qurp
Date:May 28 1998

Yannis tells you 'Vastaa...PORO!!!!!!!

Jawbreaker tells you 'I realize you dont like newbies or anybody in general,
but will you party with me so I can get some exp.' Yannis tells you
'vastaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!' Yannis tells you 'vastaaa!!!!!!'

Durand tells you 'please dont hurt tiamat, she is such a sensitive,caring
person :(

Kosmonova tells you 'PARTY?'

Caesar tells Jabari, Veikka, Bleezuz, Rainwind, Caesar and you 'moro moro ja

Scaler tells you 'do something to conquer 'cause he started to kill me with no

Torax tells you 'party?'

Caesar tells you 'party?'

Kosmonova tells you 'party? :)'

Caesar tells you 'party +'

Sai tells you 'lainaas 2 tmakerii'

Tomba tells you 'voisitko ees olla hereilla kun kiusaan sua fin kanavalla'

Skie tells you 'could u kill shagrath I could pay sumthing to you for it'

Olsma tells you 'annatko inviteja vampire raceen'

Knagi tells you 'who would I report a minor typo/bug to?'

Castor tells you 'party?'

Vaykky tells you 'wanna party?'

@Vaykky goes 'Heh' at you.

Vaykky tells you 'wanna or not?'

Vertigon tells you 'i give you 50k if you kill one character for me...'

Vertigon tells you 'not that you would need money.'

Blast tells you 'auta mua plz'

Blast tells you 'plz'

Blast tells you 'mua kiusataan syytta auta plz ma pyydan'

Blast tells you 'tunnevamma summii mua koko ajan syytta sano sille jotain ma
pyydan please auta mua'

You tell Blast 'osta ring of leadi'

Blast tells you 'ei oo rahaa ku ostin just axen mut voisiks sanoo sille jotain
plz plz'

You tell Blast 'en voi'

Blast tells you ':('

Taskoff tells you 'I have heard that some archwizards are going to kill you,
just gimmie 100k gold and I will take care of them'

Taskoff tells you 'Type:TEll lAst.. if yoU Wanna lIVE LOnG Life'

Taskoff tells you 'eT uSko Vai...HH'

Naganth tells you 'milt tuntuu kun on banaani perseess?'

Naganth tells you 'poika joka rakasti vareja!!!!!!'

Naganth tells you 'se oli niin ihana!'