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Library: Indoctrination and Conformity in the Network


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Jul 31 1996

  At one time, Big John was captain of the flagship for the network.  This
boat was used mostly to generate revenue in the lucrative drug trade.  The
people on the boat were almost exclusively high-level network officials.  One
day it was raining at sea, and a girl was standing on the bridge totally
soaked with no raincoat and umbrella.  B'cos of the rain, Big John ordered
that everyone wear raincoats and use umbrellas anywhere other than the cabin. 
The day after, it stopped raining and was very sunny and warm, but everyone
was still using raincoats and umbrellas.  This is how deep the indoctrination
in the Network is. If Big John were to die that day, they would all still be
using raincoats and umbrellas today.  Remember this when dealing with people
that belong to the Network.

Even though he is gone now, every network base still has an office for Big
John.  These offices were originally intended for Big John himself, if he
decided to stay there, but have since became shrines in a sense.  They all
have all been left with everything set up just the way he liked it, and kept
pristine and clean compared to the other rooms.  Let me describe what the room
looks like.

There is a desk, facing the door.  Big John would sit at the other end of the
desk.  At one side is a rather outdated Apple 2 computer, with a color Texas
Instruments monitor, and a 360 baud modem.  There's a pack of cigarettes on
the desk, and a McDonalds big mac.  Every day someone is assigned to get a new
hamburger so that it doesn't start to get old and smell.  A copy of a recent
"people" magazine is also there.  It is the most roomy office on the floor,
yet it is totally unused.  Once the cleaning lady got hungry and ate the big
mac on Big John's desk, and she never worked there again.  Given the choice,
the people would have probably killed her.