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Library: Infernos tale


Author: Lammas
Date:Nov 25 2002

    Nice sprite called Inferno was flying around in her home.  she was doing
her daily chores when she heard loud noice from outside.  Inferno quickly flew
near her window, and was amazed when she looked outside.  She pondered at the
strange object outside, that looked like rock, but still resembled living
issue, her curiosity won as she quickly flew to the door.  CRACK!  "Eek!" she
screamed as the roof of her house got struck by something that resembled stone
yet appeared to be living.  She ran outside.
    Cleching her fists she looked around and realized what it was, it was a
giants foot. Quickly she fly back in since she was so scared.  PUUHing at the
door as she closed it, but andrenalin flew in her bloodstream and she could
resist.  She struck the door open and quickly flew up toward the highest point
of this big hoovering giants figure.
    It didn't take her long to find the giants head, and thus finding its
nose.  She flew as fast as she could with both her hands in fists going whiter
and whiter as she cleched those.  BANG!  And she hit the nose.  Seeing a hand
trying to strike her down she quickly evaded.  And back she went.  Giant
growled "Da fly annoy giant, giant get mad!"  

    Inferno got even angrier as the giant didn't even notice her true form. 
She quickly fly to the giants ear, with both her hand closed together in
hornshape form she meolwed from the top of her lungs "IT IS ME INFERNO THE
SPRITE!!"  The giant scratched its head and asked "Whooo-o?  Show yerself
spritii thiniee."  Quickly Inferno fly a circle around giants face waving her
hand, so that it might notice her.  "I see daa wickad spritii.  Shoooo! Go
away ya annoy giant."  Quickly Inferno stated what the giant had done, but it
didn't believe her, it called her with EVIL names.  She went back to her

    Buzzing here and there she went on searching her house, for the wicked
thing that she had heard her grand mother once mention.  "Ah!  Finally" she
meowled, as she raised tiny bell.  "This was the bell that was used to
threathen the giants.  She fastly flew back outside.

    Inferno flew back to the giant and shouted, so that it might hear her,
"Hey there!  Here me..."  "Go awaaay me like you not" bellowed the giant and
tried to swat her down again.  She barely avoided the hand, but the bell, she
let go of it, her granmothers priced belonging.  Fearing for her ancestors
hatred she tried to fly and rescue it, but the giant was ahead of her move as
it placed one arm on the other, thus making a big jail for the small sprite.
    "How can I get out" pondered the sprite.  The giant shook its hand and off
she went hitting one arm after another, and buzzing even more angrier then
before.  The giant opened its arms just a bit to see that the sprite was in,
but this was more then enough for the MAD Inferno she fly right to its eye as
she had done to its nose before.  After hitting the giant she fly to the spot
she thought the ring had went.
    And there it was the ring had safely hit a pile of bug dung.  She quickly
whiped it clean and tested that it rang.  "ARRRRRRRGGGGGH!" shouted the giant
as it heard the ring make very high pitched tone.  Inferno did not have think
twice as she flew right to the giants ear and rang the bell and before the
giant had even heard his ear pop she was by the other ear and she rang again! 
This was more then the giant could take and thus is fell down to grown
devastated by the sheer sound of those rings.