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Library: Info about death,ress and rais for Newbies


Author: Kampi
Date:Apr 30 1999

This is unofficial information. It may not be correct.
Contact Kampi and tell the correct answers.

You die and go to HELL. To get out you must pray the Gods to help
you or ask somebody on channel "ghost" to cast powerful spells on

There is two common spells to get out of hell.
Usually you lose some exp, the caster loses stats.
How much the caster loses stats depends on your Charisma.
The uglier you are, the more tha caster loses. Having lots
of scars (you get scars when you die) lowers you Cha.

So to keep casters happy, have your scars removed and if you are
ugly, visit a doctor. :)

"rais" (raise dead):
Raise dead costs you 75% of your exp.

"ress" (resurrect):
Resurrection costs you only 50% of your exp.
This is a difficult spell, dont ask for this if you dont have lots of
exp with you.

"new body" costs you only 25%, but you lose some stats temporarily.
I think it is for 6 hours in real life time. Ask only if you have lots
of exp with you.

If nobody is there to help you, you must "pray".
Asking the Gods to help you costs you all your exp and some
stats permanently.

Written by Kampi.