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Library: Interview with a Dragon


Author: Zia
Date:Nov 2 1995

This book is intented to be a helpful guide to those players in BatMUD that
have selected their race as draconian. In it, you will find helpful hints and
tips, as well as a brief race history. Enjoy!

Racial History.
It is a common, well known fact (among draconians) our true legacy in the
realm of BatMUD. However, some youngsters, at birth, seem to lose their racial
memories. So, this is intended to remind them of their heritage. It is 100
percent incorrect that we draconians are descended from salamanders. We are,
in fact, as the name implies, descended directly from dragons.  It isn't
common knowledge, but many dragons, even the younger ones, have a full
knowledge of ShapeShifting abilitites. This allows them to mingle freely with
the human, and not so human races that abound here. As a result, breeding does
occur. Now, as to the difference in looks among some draconians. This comes
from the mother - being born to a dragon female gives a draconian more
features of a dragon than human, being born to a human female gives a
draconian more features of human than dragon. However, all ARE draconian, and
thus, have special abilities and powers gained only by this race.

Basic Statistics.
Many young, and not so young draconians wonder about what they will be like in
terms of numbers in the realm of BatMUD. Their statistics are as follows:
Strength: 61  Dexterity: 52  Consitiution: 59  Intelligence: 42  Wisdom: 52 
Size: 55
Draconians have a racial maximum of 80 percent skills and 80 percent spells.
Draconians have +3 natural hit point regeration, and approx. +8 spell point
Draconians, from each kill, gain appoximately 84 percent of a creatures' total
experience worth. This is at full growth, and not factoring in any
augmentation that might be done through weapons, armours, or boons.

Draconians do, from time to time, have the ability to ShapeShift themselves
into dragons. However, this shift is not without it's risks. But it has it's
bonuses as well. As a dragon, you will be bigger, and stronger. Statistic
wise, your size  increases to over 100, and your strength and constitution are
augmented. Strength will increase anywhere from 10-20 points, and constitution
will rise 50-250 hit points. You can wield weapons in this form, but wear no
armour. You are occasionally allowed to use skills in dragon form, but not
always. The transformation from draconian to dragon is not instant, either.
So, when in battle, do not expect to be able to dragonify and save yourself
from death. Best thing to do is set your wimpy, no matter what form you're in.
Anything in your inventory you cannot see, so do not worry about what happens
to your possessions when in dragon form. However, be aware - since you are
stronger, you can carry more as a dragon, but when you shift back, if your
possessions are too heavy you WILL drop some. This can lead to equiptment loss
if one is not careful. Best thing to do is find a safe spot and bury items you
find (not eq in case of crash). Then you can come back for it later. Try not
to sell as a dragon. It's tempting,  but from time to time dragons do not gain
the money gotten from sold items. So, better be safe than sorry.
ONE FINAL NOTE: Most experienced draconians will tell you that dragonify at
higher levels is not extremely useful. This is true. Dragonify is a form best
taken by young draconians when first trying to gain experience. It gives you
added strength, and constitution, which helps young ones in battle.
AND REMEMBER: Dragonify is a temporary ShapeShift. It can last anywhere from
10 minutes to 3 hours. Or, it can backfire on you, and turn you into something
absolutely useless - a frog, newt, or salamander.

Helpful Race Hints.

These are intended to be some helpful hints for Draconians to survive in
EATING CORPSES: This is one of the best special abilities a race can gain in
BatMUD. This means you should really never go hungry. Eat corpses until you
get the message "You stop eating. You discard the rest of the food." Then
occasionally check by  eating a kill from time to time. You should ALWAYS keep
yourself as full as possible. And, it's a good way to get rid of your dead -
so they don't turn UNDEAD.  So, unless you have the fresh pants skill, just
eat all your kills. You will, by default, pick up everything the corpse was
carrying at the time. And it will automatically be transfered into your
INABILITY TO SEE IN DARK: This is a rather large bane for draconians, but one
of the easier ones to solve. One can buy torches, or special rings (such as a
sewer ring, or ring of infravision) that either casts light, or allows you to
see in the dark. Keep in mind you can't wear things in dragon form, so a few
torches in the inventory never hurt anything.
WATER: Suprisingly enough, water is harmful to dragons, although it's possible
this might change in the future. However, play it safe. Each movement in water
can cost you 50-200 hit points. So, 1) Be aware of your surroundings 2) Watch
where you're going  and 3) If you HAVE to cross water, try to do it at a low
point or bridge. And remember to inform party members of this liability. It
will save your life. It is harmful to draconians too - so, in general, stay
away from it. If you have the money, later in life, a worthwhile investment
might be to invest in a ring of water walking.
RACIAL STATUE: Many draconians are unaware of this, but we, like every race in
BatMUD, have a racial statue. And, it can be interesting, and sometimes very
beneficial to use it. A racial statue has the ability to grant gifts, or
abilities to those who  sacrifice to it. It's located in the foyer of the race
leader. If you'd like to try it, here are some guidelines. 1) Never pray. It
will only get your struck by lightning, or worse, kill you. 2) ALWAYS
sacrifice. And make sure the item is worth over 1000  gold. 3) Never sacrifice
anything that the race statue might have given as a gift. BAD idea.  4) Don't
sacrifice more than once or twice an hour. You'd be pushing your luck. And
finally, 5) Don't try to figure out what "abilities" a statue might give you.
They are random, but can be anything from water walking to augmentated stats.
The racial statue is more intended for fun than serious gains on your part.
But, it never hurts to have the  Draconian god on your side.

And, with that, I conclude this interview. I will add as I see fit, to keep
this book undated and current.

Zia, the Draconian Princess.