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Library: Kronos - the complitely moron


Author: Kiba
Date:Sep 10 1997

Kiba: Can I ask you one question Kronos?


Kiba: Are you complitely moron?

Kronos: come you can say I am moron?

Kiba: i didnt say that, I just asked.

Kronos: Well, Kiba I got more EXP than you and your character is older than
mine, so how you explain that Kiba! *heh

Kiba: Because you have no life...

Kronos: Wait a minute! I have girlfriend,work,dog and lot of another
activities in life and I can still play this mud 18 hours a day. Plaa plaa
plaa plaa......

Kiba: Yeah, just wondering who got bigger IQ, you or Hurkki?

Kronos: Kiba, I will kill you now!

Kiba: Viva Zapata!