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Library: latent energy storage devices


Author: Ran
Date:Aug 16 1997

"electric power crystal"
  This is a large crystaline conductive device that can be used to store
latent electrical energy.
  It is charged when the body is exposed to an alternating current wave around
(535 Hz.)  At this frequency, the amplitude of the since wave will be greatly
diminshed.  The energy absorbed goes into charging the crystal.  As the
crystal approaches full charge, the amplitude is less diminshed.
  It is discharged around (730 Hz.).  When exposed to a slight alternating
current sine wave at that frequency, the voltage in the latter part of the
wave will increase exponentially, as long as the crystal has some charge.  
  In standard applications, it is perfectly acceptable to charge and discharge
the crystal at the same time, by exposing it to both resonance frequencies. 
When this is done, a (600 - 800 Hz.) filter should be used to avoiding
draining the charge energy.  Also, a (high-voltage) filter should always be
used to stop the 730 H.z "seed"-wave from being totally drained.
  The crystal becomes active with regard to both resonance frequences around
(23.5 V).  The internal resistance (DC) is about (10 K-ohm), and the internal
impedence is highly variable and dependent on frequency.  
  In a circuit, this device is modeled by having a positive impedence around
(535 Hz.), and a negative impedence around (730 Hz.), provided it remains
charged. Both the positive and negative impedence are logorhythmic with
respect to charge state.  The exact values depend on the size and quality of
the crystal.
  The primary application for these crystals is long-term, controlled-drain
energy storage.  Modern ships use banks of these to store large amounts of

  "loop" or "energy storage loop"
  This is a large, toroid (cylindrical cross-section ring-shaped device)
device used to store and supply electric energy.  They are typically used in
pairs.  They must be kept cool to work, how cool depends on the specific
  This device is used more or less like a (capacitor).  It is not polarized,
and can be charged / discharged in either direction without failing.  It can
be modeled and used just like a rapid-drain capacitor, so long as it is kept
cool.  At higher temperatures, the capacitance breaks down, and as the energy
stored in it disipates it may heat up even more and melt, causing a short
circuit.  This is called "running away".  
    The primary use is providing power to an uncontrolled-drain device.  Do
not place sensative metal objects on the inner part of the ring, they may
become permanently magnetized.

  "gyroscopic power source"
  These are not very common anymore, because they are so dangerous when
impacted or shook around.  They resemble a simple sphere, but require special
circuitry to use.  Be wary -- there is a series of red lights around the
edges.  As more and more of these light up, the device is becoming less and
less volitale.  It must not be exposed to shock or violent shaking, or
gyroscopic device may escape and wreak havoc on its surroundings, you
  There was some research to turn this device into a weapon, but the fact it
was so unstable and presented a greater threat to the user than the potential
victim greatly hampered this. Lately, it has fallen into dis-use and is no
longer manufactured, since it has no real advantages anymore over more
up-to-date energy storage systems.

This book written by Ran.