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Library: Letters to home


Author: Grifter
Date:Nov 2 1995

Dear Mom,
     Things in camp are really weird.  These 3 girls keep looking at me and
whispering to themselves.  The other day, I saw them with a pair of
handcuff's...and when they caught me looking..they just giggled.
       Your son;

Dear Mom,
        I am writing this to you from the inside of a dark building.  It seems
that the girls have plans for me.  I'm scared...All they do is run around the
room in leather..and hit each other with whips..while I'm handcuffed to a bed.
 They even took off all my clothes..except for my underwear...I hope they
don't hurt me...
     Oh oh...they're coming back..

Dear Mom,
     I'm really confused now.  The other of the girls kneeled over
me...and started putting her hands all over me...and all she kept saying
was.."Oh baby...I want you to come...."
    But..what did she mean??? Come? I'm right here..I can't go anywhere..they
got me chained up..
Dear Mom;
         I don't remember much of what happened..but they finally let me
go...I don't know why though. They took off my underwear..and started giggling
at me..and then they started doing all this weird stuff...I tried to hold
it..but I think I went potty in them...but they seemed least I'm
free now...