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Library: A Preview for my cat's book


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Feb 6 1996

"An excellent and informative book about your cathood and attaining it, being
what you really were meant to be as a cat." - Samantha, Neighbors cat.
"For the price of only 3 bowls of cat food and one dish or water or warm milk,
becoming a full Operating Kitten is well worth it!", Garfield, a friends
"Sly's book gives you total control over your reality as a cat, something I
thought a cat could never do.  Now I am well loved by my owner, and am the
proud father of six kittens!", Fergee, another friends' cat.
"Ever since I "sang out" all my body rats, I have been able to run faster and
fight better than any other cat.  I am not bullied anymore by other cats or
even dogs!", anonymous stray cat.
"Even though sly might have had too much Catnip the night before, reading his
Operating Kitten enlightened me to the point where I can live with myself as a
cat.  I no longer yearned to be a human.  Cats everywhere unite, and rejoice
your cathood.  Remember the cognition brought by the simple phrase "To build a
purring machine, not to purr yourself" and be thankful you are a cat!" - Zachy
the tiny kitten, walking away unharmed after being run over twice by an

"Nyannn... Nyann... Puruuuu...", Sly, my kitty, after reading the book he'd
wrote before when he had too much catnip.
Some sample text:
"Body rats are really just ordinary rats.  When you scare her away with bad
singing, she goes back to her rathole, eats some cheese, and nibbles away at
the wall.  Maybe even finds another rat, gets pregnant, and has a bunch of
little rats..."  Excellent, enlightened prose can be yours too for just 3
bowls of cat food and one water bowl.