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Library: Little soldier


Author: Grediah
Date:Nov 27 2002

Once upon a time there we fierce warriors named Morrigu and Victor. Warriors
were sitting on their castle and idling, this is their most commonly used way
to spend time. Suddenly Morrigu woke up from his idling state, which can
almost be referred to hibernation. While stroking his beard he came up with an
idea. "Let's get drunk." he said with lust in his eyes. Victor suddenly woke
and started the thinking process. After few minutes of observating the
surroundings he replied, "Ok."

The battle brothers started furiously going through their notes to find
combinations to unlock their purse chests. Suprisingly combinations were found
rather quickly from the mess (which they called "home"). Using some
mathematics they came up with a solution that they could head for the nearest
inn located in Shadowkeep. On the way to the inn warrios were singing merrily
about battles to come and ofcourse from  battles they had fought. (some of
them were not so succesfully.)

Once arrived to the inn they spotted a free table near the corner. After few
beers the atmosphere was great at least for them, perhaps some other story
will represent differing opinion. Party of female elves arrived to the inn,
warriors noticed them with enhanced peer. As usual females ignored the noisy
warriors with bad charisma and just continued chatting with each other.
Situation stayed as it was been from the time the party of elves entered the
inn for couple of hours. Warriors continued drinking heavily during that time,
because that is why they had wandered in to the inn at the first place.

Warriors were allready in bad shape, and suddenly Morrigu felt that he had to
use the restroom. Furiously trying he managed to stumble on his feet and
started to stagger towards the place know as "paradise" for them. just before
passing the females. In a blink of an eye he grabbled the nearest elf, that
made her to scream loudy and she turned around bitch slapping Morrigu into the
cheek. Guard who was on duty aggroed to the warriors since they both have been
the little nuisance for the customers. They were made to leave the inn.

Victor had felt that he was running low on ep's during the whole evening and
he headed for home. Morrigu was still aggro and he said that he would follow
after 10 minutes. Victor managed to get in home and was peering from the
window when Morrigu would arrive. Then he saw a funny sight. Morrigu was
marching toward his room with traffic sign on his shoulder. 

Suddenly city guards noticed the same scene and told Morrigu to stop.  Morrigu
stopped and turned towards the city guards who were giggling at him. Guards
asked "What are you going to do with that sign ?", "I don't know." answered
Morrigu who was obviously telling the truth. Guards said that  he should drop
the sign on the ground, he did that and fell down on the gutter. When Morrigu
got out from the gutter both guards were laughing at him, and they just told
him to "Maybe you just shuold go home". Morrigu did saluted the city guards
and walked home muttering to him self.