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Library: MAFiA(tm}, Report 22-May-1995


Author: Mafia
Date:Nov 2 1995

         ]XXX.    .XXX[     .X.     ]XXXXXXX[ ]XX[     .X.  TM                
         ]XXXX.  .XXXX[    .XXX.    ]XXX[             .XXX.                   
         ]XXXXX..XXXXX[   .X[]XX.   ]XXX[     ]XX[   .X[]XX.                  
         ]X[XXXXXX]XXX[  .XXXXXXX.  ]XXXXXXX[ ]XX[  .XXXXXXX.                 
         ]X['XXXX']XXX[ .XXXXXXXXX. ]XXX[     ]XX[ .XXXXXXXXX.                
         ]X[ 'XX' ]XXX[.XX'   'XXXX ]XXX[     ]XX[.XX'   'XXXX.               
                           REPORT 22-MAY-95                                   
             Copyright (c) Mafia Prints. All Rights Reserved.                 
        Table of Contents                                                     
        MAFiA(tm), Report 22-May-95                                           
        1.      Introduction.                                                 
        2.      Reported kills of MAFiA(tm) (Mon 22-May-95).                  
        3.      What do we offer to you?                                      
        4.      What A real Mafioso don't do?                                 
        5.      How to contact us.                                            
        This report gives you some basic infomation about Mafia(tm)           
        and it's laws. So you shouldn't give us those stupid tells            
        asking about it. There is also a list of the official                 
        kills of the Mafia included to this report. No healers                
        shouldn't been killed, If were, it was probably because               
        you were something as stupid as a Giant healer...                     
        Anyway. We are sorry about it...                                      
        The reasons why we kill other people are simple:                      
        A. The more there are people - the more there is LAG.                 
        B. When a newbie notices that someone is hitting,                     
           he/she/it learns the meaning of escaping and if                    
           don't, ...learns atleast the meaning of praying.                   
        C. Just to have a reason for the 'NEWBIE OF THE WEEK' award.          
Reported kills of the MAFiA(tm) in Alphabetical order:                        
Abcdefghi               Azaziel                 Azzhole                       
Baa                     Blaaster                Doke                          
Ebola x 4               Ergor (joke)            Fantasy                       
Gain                    Grome                   Gsordo                        
Hammermill x 2          Hampuusi x 3 (joke)     Hannu x 2                     
Herpes                  High x 2                Higlander (accident)          
Hiiri (joke)            Homopekka x 4           Idles                         
Koalie                  Kublai x 2              Kutri                         
Luppakorva              Maggoth                 Mahon (accident)              
Mack                    Manacubus               Mikko                         
Moilo                   Murkku                  Newstorm                      
Oden                    Osiris                  Peon                          
Phase x 3               Puppet                  Quanuc x 2                    
Raknar                  Reboot                  Redhorn                       
Roosevelt x 2           Russian                 Scoff                         
Simpaty                 Snooze                  Summanen x 5                  
Suon                    Teitsi                  Tomba                         
Tts x 2                 Tyorl x 2               Vesuva                        
Vertigal x 3            Wolflord                Xar                           
Xetal                   Zeren                                                 
...and few more.                                                              
Total kills: 82                                                               
        To you this may be terrible slaughtering...                           
        but our point of view is a bit differend. We rather                   
        call it 'Survival training'.                                          
        What Do We Offer to You?                                              
        All the MAFiA Brothers have/will have following advantages:           
        - Won't be killed by Mafia (without reason).                          
        - Own channel for chat help and information.                          
        - LAG-terminating parties when nothing else helps.                    
        - Stolen goods with lower price.                                      
        - Drugs (raises stats) with lower price. (if there's any).            
        - Punishing parties when someone really fucks up with us.             
        - Castle of the MAFiA Brothers.                                       
        We are planing something new all the time...                          
        There are also ...few secret things which can't be told yet,          
        not even to members.                                                  
        As you can see there's not much to offer for now...                   
        but there will be when we turn our money-machines on.                 
        What A real Mafioso don't do?                                         
        - don't kill a member of MAFiA(tm).                                   
        - don't kill a healer.                                                
        - don't fuck around claiming to be a member of MAFiA(tm).             
        - don't give orders to higher ones.                                   
        - don't shout our plans to outsiders.                                 
        - don't steal from the members of MAFiA(tm).                          
        - don't forget to report the kills.                                   
        - DON'T FUCK UP!                                                      
        How to Contact us.                                                    
        |||         |||      |||     |||  |||      ||TM||                     
        |||  || ||  |||  ||  |||  ||||||  |||  ||  ||  ||                     
        ||   || ||  ||       ||      ||   ||       ||||||                     
        ||   |||||  ||   ||  ||   |||||   ||   ||  ||||||                     
        ||   |||||  ||   ||  ||   |||||   ||   ||  ||||||                     
        |"| ----------------------------------------- |"|                     
        |M|            CONTACT MAFiA(tm):             |M|                     
        |A| ----------------------------------------- |A|                     
        |F| If you want to join us or you have other  |F|                     
        |i| reason to contact us then send a mail to  |i|                     
        |A| 'Mafia' (Finger Mafia for joining info).  |A|                     
        | | ----------------------------------------- | |                     
        |t|   MAIL + OVER 5K DONATION = 99% ANSWER!   |t|                     
        |m| ----------------------------------------- |m|                     

      (c) ]XXX.    .XXX[     .X.     ]XXXXXXX[ ]XX[     .X.  TM               
          ]XXXX.  .XXXX[    .XXX.    ]XXX[             .XXX.                  
          ]XXXXX..XXXXX[   .X[]XX.   ]XXX[     ]XX[   .X[]XX.                 
          ]X[XXXXXX]XXX[  .XXXXXXX.  ]XXXXXXX[ ]XX[  .XXXXXXX.                
          ]X[ XXXX ]XXX[ .XXXXXXXXX. ]XXX[     ]XX[ .XXXXXXXXX.               
          ]X[ 'XX` ]XXX[.XX'   'XXXX ]XXX[     ]XX[.XX'   'XXXX.              
        .XXXXXX.  .XXXXXX.   .XXX'.XXX.   .XXX'.XXXXXXXXX'.XXXXXX.            
       .XXX' XXX .XXX' XXX  .XXX'.XXXXX. .XXX'   .XXX'    XXX.'XXX            
      .XXXXXXXX'.XXXXXXXX' .XXX'.XXX'XXX.XXX'   .XXX'     'XXX.               
     .XXX'     .XXX'XXX.  .XXX'.XXX' 'XXXXX'   .XXX'  XXX. 'XXX               
    .XXX'     .XXX' 'XXX..XXX'.XXX'   'XXX'   .XXX'   'XXXXXXX'               
                     'XXX.         ....                                       
                      'XXX.     .XXXXXXXX.                                    
                       'XXX.  .XXX' .. 'XXX.                                  
                        'XXX. XXX'.XXX' 'XXX                                  
                         'XXX.XXX XXX'  .XXX                                  
                          'XXXXX' XXX  .XXX'                                  
                            '''   'XXXXXX'