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Library: Many uses of wishes


Author: Capula
Date:Sep 17 2002

Wish is considered to be strongest spell of all, but what
would one do with it? I made little gallup and asked from
few random players their desire for wish. Heres the 

Hatefreezer: +10con  diamond       battleaxe
Ruttuturpa: +10str  mithril       great axe
Freld: +10dex  diamond       amulet
mustamiekka: +10con  diamond       sleeve
Nail: +10int  air           bracelet
Hellblade: +10str  diamond       no-dachi
Aquam: +10con  diamond       belt
Gurb: +10wis  diamond       tail ring
Jebu: +10dex  air           tail ring
Qurp: +10con  dukonium      bracelet
Hannah: +10con  dukonium      glove
Polpot: +10con  adamantium    bracelet
Humma: +10con  diamond       bracers
Osku: +10con  diamond       bracelet
Demicore: +10wis  diamond       crown
Lammas: +10int  malachite     boots
Spiral: +10int  ruby          leg protector
Krzysiek: +10con  laen          sode
Gotrek: +10con  diamond       tail ring
Vibu: +10con  platinum      battleaxe
Capula: +10wis  enchanted air dagger