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Library: Merchants


Author: Dethwishh
Date:Jan 12 1998

This is to help new merchants get accustomed to things in the guild, and
to help you familiarize guild prices.

Currently there are two guild quests, Alloy gold and Blacksmithing.
The way to complete these quests, are rather simple.  For alloy gold, you
must take two refined substances and alloy them together, using the skill
alloying, and create gold.  Here is a tip.  Think about gold and what makes
gold, and think of 'smaller' compounds that are similar to gold.
To complete the blacksmithing quest, use the blacksmithing skill, and
you must create an item of a certain worth, generally between 2000-2500
gold.  Once you have completed the quests, you will get a message saying

Many new merchants come into the guild and ask, where do I train this,
where do I train that.  Type 'merchant guilds', this tells you where the
places are that you may train.  It is considered rude and obnoxious to
continually ask where can I train mining, where is the hospital place etc.
If by now, you do not know where these places are, you are too much
of a newbie, and you should explore to find them.

GUILD PRICES:          
As of right now, there is no merchant council in the game, but several of
us merchants have gotten together, to discuss what the minimum prices of
our services should be. Here is the list:
Plastic Surgery: 7k to ~80, 10k to 100
Prot Armour/Weapon: 3k per item, or 2k per item if a bulk order
Repairs: 5k + cost of materials
Mip and Money Exchange: 5% charge
IDs: 1k per item identified or appraised
Sculptures: 10k per
These should be the minium prices charged, you are more than welcome to 
charge more than this, as many of us do.

As of right now, there is no council to help regulate the guild.  
Hopefully soon, there will be one.  And hopefully, this council will allow
us to treat merchants who charge lower than the minimum prices and who
try to hurt other merchants in a harsh manner (banning from guild,
banning from merchant services, etc).  If you see people or hear about them
charging lower than normal prices, send mail to me, Dethwishh or give
me a tell sometime I am on.  If you see people doing this, I encourage you
to act like our guild is a mafia, and wipe them out :)  Steal their mines
and really just do anything you can against them.

I encourage you to help your fellow merchants, but do not just give them
certain answers.  This guild is about experimentation, and if you have
found certain things out, this knowledge is or should be valuable.
I encourage you to use our news group to express your thoughts and 
concerns.  I hope this short little book helps give you a brief 
explanation of our guild and such :)
One thing on our guild prices.  If we all work together and keep our
prices up, in the long run we all make more money.  That is called 
working together.

It is also considered rude and annoying for people to continually
ask on channels, is gold worth mining, what is the price of osmium 
right now?  Here is a way to overcome that.  Go to the mineral shop
when you first log on, type 'list' and print out that list.  Of course
prices change somewhat due to supply/demand, this will give you a great
value of prices at that time.  If you play a long time over a boot, make
a new list half way through.  Don't expect everyone else to give you an
answer that you could get by doing a little work.