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Library: military philosophy


Author: Ran
Date:Aug 14 1997

Philosophy, the military, and weapons.

At first, a great philosopher insisted the following:
  (other beings) are inferior.
  They have no ability to learn and adapt.
  They can't change despite their many mistakes.
  They just live, wasting each day away.

This public more or less shared this belief for a few years, and planets were
"liberated of alien influence", a nice way of saying invaded and occupied. 
Once people inhabitaed foreign worlds, for one purpose or another (escape,
boredom, war, occupation, etc.), people's beliefs started to change.  By the
end of the first majour exodus, another philosopher summed up the current
ideas of the public with this quote:
  It's useless to wonder why different peoples exist[1].
  Live life as pleasantly as (one) can, don't waste time on that[2].
  Even if you are different from humans, you still end up
  hungry, and you still have to sleep when you're tired.
  It's best if everyone just lives the way they want to.

[1] When "aliens" or other peoples from other worlds were first discovered, it
became widely believed that the reason or purpose of existance was to dominate
the most worlds and peoples your people could.  

[2] "that" being invading or occupying other worlds.

When it came time to occupy other worlds, people grew extremely bored with
administrative tasks.  During this time, the military lost a lot of clout, and
a "career" in the military, which had become more geared toward administration
of occupied worlds rather than ground and space combat, was no longer thought
of as very favorably.  Most of the offensive military, infantry and personel,
was disbanded, and personal weaponry technolgoy went into total disarray.  The
fleet ("navy") began to take a more defensive role, and that is the only
section of the military that hasn't been mostly disbanded.

This book written by Ran