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Library: mint, part 1


Author: Lum
Date:Feb 18 1998

Note:  The title is nonsense.  It means "We're mint."

There's one questionable name, but I'm pretty sure it's "Noel".
Chapter 1 is about 50 pgs, the rest are around 30.

Ribon seems to have improved their print quality, some of the midtones and
graytones seem really nice, much better than before.

This is simple.  Try this page:
I'm not translating something that's already been/being done by someone else.

If you want, you can send letters to the author at this address:

  T 119-61
  Kanda Yuubinkyoku
  Yoshizumi Wataru-sama

Notes about the author:

She thinks Bunraku (puppet show) is "very interesting".

She is friends with Obana-san (Kodomo no Omocha) and Fujita-san (Kerokero

She like knitting.

At her signings, 70+% of her fans are young girls and their mothers.  20-% of
her fans are older boys, with 10-% being unknown.