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Library: misc. answers


Author: Lum
Date:May 22 1998

1) There is a monster legend that should be noted.  The first part of the myth
is basically a bunch of parables.  They say monsters and people can never get
along.  Monsters can't live normal lives in society, and to try this is
futile.  The next part is similar to many messiah religions.  It says that
some time in the future, a "monster princess" or "demon princess" will be
born, and that she will be both monster and human.  She will understand both
monsters and humans.  This monster princess will aid the monsters, by teaching
them how to live in the world, or by taking them to some other world, or by
reforming or killing off humanity to make the world livable for monsters.

2) There is a short part that talks of how monsters "become" monsters.  And
that while 2 humans give birth to another human, 2 monsters give birth to a
monster.  The result of sex between a monster and a human is undetermined.

3) A more recent myth talks of an affair between a monster and a human.  The
monster, Emiko, victimized a human, but also fell in love with him.  So by
imitating and posing as a human, she became his lover.  But later, she became
combative, and felt her newly found mate wasn't paying her enough attention. 
She came up with a plan to break off the relationship by showing him she
really was a monster.  The guy cracked under pressure, and went insane.  He
couldn't face the fact he'd fallen in love with a monster, and became rather
paranoid, thinking everyone was a monster.  Also lost all self-esteem.  Emiko
realised she just wanted to live as herself, and was much happier this way. 
The moral of the myth is that if monsters and humans have relationships, they
are destined to fail.  Also, that the monster will be very unhappy herself,
and the human is likely to suffer permanent damage (mentally).  So, if a
monster really loves a human, she should just avoid him and leave him alone. 

4) Finally, there is a notable part about wilderness survival.  Monsters are
perfectly capable of living quite comfortably in a rural (country) or
semi-rural environment.  They prefer temperate to hot climate with a low to
moderate amount of rain, and no snow.  Talks about how to make impromptu
shelter, how to find food and hunt, etc.