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Library: A small suitcase


Author: Nail
Date:Nov 1 2002

Once upon of time there was small suitcase. It was a pretty normal suitcase
made of leather and it had a  small handle which fit perfectly in ones hand
and it was comfortably nice to carry around even if it was  full of heavy
armour. Underneath this cute little suitcase were four small wheels that made
the suitcase  run smoothly over ground if it's owner was too exhausted to
carry it. Even thou this small suitcase  looked just like all other cute small
suitcases from outside, it wasn't like all other suitcases. This  suitcase had
Feelings. And it wasn't feeling so happy. Actually, it was feeling very sad.
It had had  many owners but all of them had abandoned it and the present owner
didn't treat it well. He carried the  suitcase without any caution, banging it
againt walls and doors and steps. And when he finally got where  he was
carrying his suitcase, he didn't let it down carefully, but dropped it no
matter how valuable  things there were inside the suitcase. It almost seemed
he hated the suitcase. The poor suitcase didn't  understand what could be
wrong with it. It just knew that there must be something, otherwise it would
treated much better and it would be much happier. 

So the little suitcase was sad. It did everything it could for its master so
master would like more of it and treat it better. It knew it would never be
perfect but atleast it would do it's best for being as good as it can be. When
master packed it carelessly so most of weight was on other side of bag, small
suitcase moved packed things inside it so it would be as much in balance it
could. When master was opening or closing the suitcase, it made its zipper to
run as smooth as it could and the zipper worked always perfectly. And when
master was pulling him around along rough streets it always stood up and never
fall even when its the wheels on other side dropped into large hole. But
however hard it tried it master never seems to be pleased with small suitcase.
And eventually small suitcase lost all of its hope that was still left. It
became totally numb and didn't care anything anymore. It become so depressed
it started to planning a suicide. 

It spend months planning it's suicide. It wasn't an easy job to do. Being a
suitcase ment it would have to be totally destructed before it would end it's
days and see if it is going to get any better after death. 

Finally it found a way to get rid of this miserable life. It's master was a
alchemist and worked with dangerous chemicals. Sometimes he had to travel to
other Universitys to meet some of his colleagues and he carried some of his
works with him. Usually he had large iron box where he kept his chemicals
while traveling but this time the box was broken (there had been big explosion
on last trip) so he put his chemicals into suitcase. Suitcase noticed that
this would be its change. Probably only change it would get.

Ofcourse his master was extremely carefull with the small suitcase this time.
He knew there could be big  nasty explosion if those two fluid in the suitcase
mix together. But that was just what suitcase needed. So when its master
carried it, it tried to do everything to tremble and shake. But nothing seemed
to help. Fluids stayed in their jar. 

Little suitcase had almost run out of options. There was only one thing it
hadn't tried yet. And that seemed to be it's last option. It had never hurt
it's master but this time it decided it had to. There wasn't other choise. It
bite its master in the hand and master yelled with supprise and dropped the
small suitcase. Suitcase hit the ground and something broked inside of it. On
a little while nothing happen. Then, mighty explosion shaked earth and people
around the suitcase flew away because of the pressure wave. Small suitcase was
finally reached its aim. Now it's miserable life came to the end.

Nobody know where that small cute suitcase is now. Maybe it found happiness
after death. Maybe not. Maybe we will know someday, when our own time comes to
the end and we die.