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Library: modern weapon arts


Author: Utena
Date:Oct 8 1998

* 1) What to look for in potential weapon *

S) sturdiness
B) defense / blocking
R) range / reach
V) versatility
D) damage
H) "harmony" (non-awkwardness), balance

(rating) vague only-
(none):  no gain / same as unarmed / barely acceptable
B     : slight gain over unarmed
BB    : advantage over unarmed
BBB   : serious factor

* 2) stapler *

A very basic weapon.  Get one with a flat base.  There are two parts, the top
part (that goes above the paper) and the base (that goes below).  Pull the
whole top back (don't split it like you do to reload the stapler) to form and
angle, as large as possible.  Hold it by the base.  
- rating:  SRDH

* 3) PSX controller *

A good, solid weapon.  The standard (original) non-analog controller.  Left
hand is wrapped around the controller with the two portruding parts pointing
slightly inward (the start, select in the palm of the left hand, control pad
above and buttons below it).  The right holds the whiplike portion low down on
the cord, the end of the whip consists of the cylindrical shield and the
controller plug.  Be sure to use only brand-name SONY controllers, as
imitation ones tend to be flimsy.  The left hand is used similar to "brass
knuckles" or any other in-fist item, and the right for ranged whipping
attacks.  The damage is nonexemplary but the weapon does have as much as 2
metres of reach.
- rating:  SSRRVVDHH

* 4) Phone *

Depending on the type, it can be an okay weapon.  The headset of the phone can
be held in the right hand and used as a short cudgel.  The cord of the phone
is weak, and the rest is generally useless, you may just want to rip the cord
right out of the headset and stick to using the headset this way.  The headset
can also be held in the center with the speaker and microphone pointing
- rating:  SSBRVDHH  (if you can find a proper one)

* 5) Power Strip *

This can make an excellent weapon, but sturdiness can be a problem.  You need
to find one with a cord that is flexible enough, yet a flexible cord also
means a weaker cord.  But either way, if held at one end of the strip, it
makes an excellent club. 
- rating: SBRRVVDH

* 6) Other general cords *

The cords used to plug into the wall are the best.  Even a standard computer
power cord is a great weapon.  But, with a simple cord, versatility is very
- rating:  SSRRDHH

* 7) Yo-yo *

While the cord is often times quite flimsy, it's more flexible than a standard
cord and can be passed off as "nonthreatening" easily.
- rating:  RrDH