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Library: monster in general


Author: Lum
Date:Jun 20 1998

Foreword - It should be noted not a great deal is known about the entirety,
the influence, or even the number of monsters.  Monsters tend to be diverse
and have no single governing traits.

The name "monster" is a misnomer.  Monsters are not different from people save
circumstance.  My general feeling is that monsters are ordinary children that
are kept well-hidden and raised for this one purpose:  combat / fighting. 
When other kids go to preschool, learn how to interact, and begin to learn how
to count and read, all this time monsters are learning nothing but fighting.

As for "monster", this is the common mame b'cos they tend to do things
ordinary people don't.  Much of the actual evidence supporting this is highly
coincedental, purely anecdotal, or such, none of it should be considered
absolute proof.  While it could be purely coincedental, there is some evidence
of people fighting monsters suddenly combusting.  There is clear evidence that
the systems within a monster's body do not collapse under things that would
cause a non-monster's body to collapse (poisons, systemic damage, infection,
performation, etc.)  There is anecdotal evidence that certain monsters can
"heal" non-monsters or monsters.  Some evidence also points to stories of
flight (as in gravity negation), and other "superhuman" feats, but these are
largely sensationalized and should be ignored in lieu of common sense.

The thought of "monster" depends totally on instinct.  Monsters are capable of
"reason" and "logic", but only to the point that it helps them in combat. 
They have no real concept of "self" or frued's "ego", they prefer to just act
in seemingly random ways, or "how they feel like".  Things like reputation,
friends, or ethics matter little, if at all.  

Monsters are generally introverted hedonists.  They really do genuinely care
about fighting or combat.  To keep them learning how to fight better, and to
stop them from running away, constant supervision is needed.  The main group
that tries to develop better conditioning for "monster as weapon" is the NRA. 
In this conditioning, often called by them as "raising" a monster, monsters
are often poorly treated and harshly punished, which causes them to want to
escape even more than normal.  A monster that is trained for combat has no
real problems escaping other than overcoming the social conditioning developed
mainly by the NRA.

An escape monster is called "free".  If one thing about monster is certain, it
is the existance of "free" monsters (it's the only fact about monsters that
has been scientifically proven -- ie. verified by independing and nonconnected
sources).  Certain groups, like part of the NRA, or certain government
agencies are dedicated to capturing escaped monsters.  Other gropus, like the
KKK, certain churches, some neo-nazi groups, and certain medical associations
seek to kill any monsters they find.  Monsters are not dumb, and can almost
certain pass for (albeit deranged) ordinary people these days, at least to an
outside observer.  So, both of these types of groups have major problems in
trying to recapture or kill monsters.  For this reason, the more moderate of
these groups are beginning to ignore, tolerate, or deny the existance of
monsters.  While the more malicioius hate groups (such as sections of the KKK
or related groups) often stop or tone down their religious and racial rhetoric
and violence to concentrate exclusively on monsters.  However, the fact there
are so few monsters and so many deranged people makes the goals of such groups
still unattainable.

Monsters call living in ordinary human society "playing human".  They often
try to emulate (often with limited sucess) the things they see others doing
around them.  They will do things like buy expensive items (even when they
don't want them), for fake relationships, drink, and such.  Trying to feel the
feelings that they just don't feel and do the things they just don't see the
need to do often causes monsters a lot of angst and makes them quite
uncomfortable and stressed mentally.   Appearance is another good example,
monsters do not genuinenly give a damn about what they look like, but most try
to look very pretty or become exhibitionists.