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Library: monster related groups


Author: Lum
Date:Jun 18 1998

The following groups have been investigated for any connection to monsters.  A
connection to monsters includes at least one of the following:  the raising of
monsters, the use of monsters for combat or battle, the capturing and/or
killing of escaped or free monsters, and the general exploitation of monsters
and/or monster labor.

A CONCLUSIVE rating means that there is clear and indisputable evidence of
monster-related activities done by the group.

A POSSIBLE rating means that there is possible evidence or possible links to
such activities.  But that this evidence alone is possibly coincedental and
shoudln't be considered proof of monster-related activities.

An INCONCLUSIVE rating means that there is no direct evidence of
monster-related activities, but also that such activities cannot be completely
ruled out either.

A NEGATIVE rating means that there is enough clear evidence to rule out any
monster related activities.

A RULED OUT rating means that there is no way (within the limits of common
sense) that the orgonization could partake in monster-related activities.  And
that because of this, no actual investigation was every conducted.

* (B E G I N S) *
SCA (Society for Creative Anacronism) INCONCLUSIVE
Toastmasters RULED OUT
HDF (Hubbard Dianetics Foundation) INCONCLUSIVE
Heaven's Gate () POSSIBLE
NRA (Nat'l "Rifle" Association) CONCLUSIVE
Viper Militia (para-military) NEGATIVE
BAT-Ry (Balanced Alternative Techniques Ry) RULED OUT
CCHR (Citizen's Commision for Human Rights) NEGATIVE
OTO (Ordo Temple Orientus) POSSIBLE
Tecmo (Japanesse videogame company) NEGATIVE
CPS (Child Protective Services) INCONCLUSIVE
Aum Shinrikyo ("Holy Supreme Truth") NEGATIVE
IRS (Internal Revenue Service) INCONCLUSIVE
NAACP (civil right's group) NEGATIVE
Amie (Japanesse art magazine) INCONCLUSIVE
BATF (Bereau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) INCONCLUSIVE
Human Genome Project (scientific) POSSIBLE
NSA (Nat'l Security Agency - US gov.) POSSIBLE
CSG (Church of the Subgenius / Church of "BOB") RULED OUT