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Library: monster related incedent


Author: Utena
Date:Feb 5 1999

A book of monster related incedents.

(from CNN.COM)

Headline:  Police fire 41 times at unarmed man, killing him

An unarmed street peddler with no criminal record was shot and killed by four
officers who were searching for a serial rapist, police said.

Amadou "Ahmed" Diallo, a 22-year-old imigrant from West Africa, was killed
early Thursday in the vestibule of the building where he shared a small
appartment with two roommates.  The four officers fired a total of 41 shots.

Diallo, who had no criminal record, was unarmed, said a police source,
speaking on condition of anonymity.  His wallet and beeper were found nearby.

There were no civilian witnesses and the officers involved have yet to be
interviewed by investigators as requested by the Bronx District Attorney's
office.  The office would not comment on the case.

Diallo's uncle, Mamadou Diallo, described the Guinea native as "a very honest
guy, a religions guy" who sold hats, clothing, and other items on the street.

"They shoot somebody 30, 40 times," said the uncle, who talked to police after
the shooting.  "They tell me this is probably (a) police mistake."

Mayor Rudolph Guiliani asked residents to be patietn.  "We all have to wait
and react to facts.  ... We've had terrible mistakes in this city when people
have reacted to rumors and intuition and feelings."

Diallo died of multiple gunshot wounds to the torso, said Ellen Barokove,
spokeswoman for the medical examiner's office.  The medical examinier was
still determining how many bullets hit Diallo and the direction they were
fired from.

The four plainclothes officers -- assigned to a street crime patrol -- were
investigation a serial rapist in the area, but it was not known if they
thought Diallo was a suspect.

The police source said a roommate told investigators Diallo had come home
about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday, then left again.

Shortly after 12:30 a.m., the source said, the police officers had contact
with a man on Diallo's street, but it wasn't clear if it was Diallo.  Diallo
was shot in his vestibule about 10 minutes later.

"We don't know what happened, because we haven't spoken to them, but it looks
like one guy panicked and the rest followed suit," The New York Times quoted
an unidified police official as saying.

Three of the four officers, all assigned to the 43rd Precint in the Bronx,
have been involved in prior shooting incedents.  No criminal charges were
brought in the two cases, and the third is still under investigations.

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comments:  41 shots to kill a single person?