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Library: Mudders... with women?


Author: Robinhood
Date:Oct 1 2002

As a male, you all probably know that girls hate it when you are
waaaaaaaaaaaay too into her. Make her think you're obsessed, and then you're
out of the picture. My story is vice versa and it comes with a happy ending!

Last fall semester, I was taking an asian philosophy class. Might as well
have, since I'm asian right? Anyway, there's this girl in my class, Yun, who
somehow got my screen name. She then got a friend, Kim, to IM me and pretend
that she was from a random chat. (Pretty sad) So after awhile of talking to
Kim, she tells me she's gonna give my screen name a friend (Yun). So awhile of
talking to Yun, she tells me "oh wow, you're in my class to? weird". I meet
her and eh.... didn't even try to talk to her again :P But that doesn't her
from talking to me. She has a cute friend! After a semester of being
obsessive, calling, IMing, annoying chit chats, running together, I finally
get drunk one night and when she calls, my roomate and I are total dicks to
her. But... after a semester of dragging along this girl, I got to become
closer to Kim. :) After a night of partying with Kim, here we are today
dating. Mudders can get girls!