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Library: A story of a mudder


Author: Dornier
Date:Jul 8 2002

Monday, 8th of July 2002
It was February 1998 I noticed some of my friends doing something strange on
our school's computer class.
It looked like only a fast running text but somehow they felt it so enticing
that sometimes they even missed the lunch hour.
I asked them what was that all about, they introduced me BatMUD. Their
characters were (in alphabetical order) Brewer, Davian, Mikkouer and Snort.
So.. I decided to have a try could I get interested on it.
My daily internet activity had mostly been IRCing and somehow my mudding also
started mostly as chatting.
After about 10 days of mud age I finally started playing the mud.
My friends told me to start as a nomad Giant and to join the Rangers Guild at
level 16. So I did so, it seemed to be a nice way to make experience.
I made my first 400k with my bare hands.. I wanted to save all my money for
the future to buy a chest some day.
Then I bought my first chest in which I put my brand new and shiny iron great
axe. (wow)
I kept on as being a Ranger until my total experience reached 700k. Then I
made a healer.
I was a rocking healer, I had even cure serious wounds at some %. Being a
healer was fun except the thing that I was always dependant on other players
and parties. Some day I became bored enough and took my second reinc: a
Now it was really the time of making money for getting better gear to my next
step: ranger (again).
Merchanting worked pretty well.. in old times the mineral exchange was a bit
different, it helped a lot.
One could carry tons of stuff into the exchange and got the money out of them
immediately. And the market prices were set by the game. Nowadays that work is
not even close as easy as it was.
After I got enough money to buy two Blood axes + reincarnation fees I reinced
back to Ranger as I had already planned. This time I was a ranger for a pretty
long time..
It lasted so long that I had earned enough money for Marion axe and Blood axe
Then that reinc-fewer struck again and I reinced back to Tarmalen.. and then
again, back to a merchant, after that a tank, but for a change I made a
Barbarian. I had bought two Maces of High Templar for that reinc so it was
pretty easy to start that thing.
The whole Barbarian Guild system was a lot different from Rangers but it was
working. I just didn't like it somehow.
You readers have perhaps noticed the ways of my reincs, the way I usually do,
first some caster stuff, then some money and back to a tank.
Was it a surprise, I made a Tarmalen after that Barbarian thing.. but then
came something new, a monk.
A human monk combined with 5 levels from Tarmalen, worth total 10m of exp.
Gosh that was a machine!
My exprate doubled. It was something very enticing to find out that as weak
race as human could be more efficient in battle than a Giant with high
strength and hitpoints. Martial arts was really a rocking skill and iron palm
+ punch, what a combination! 
Meanwhile I heard about the existence of Brotherhood of the Black Tiger and
their skills and spells, so I couldn't miss the chance of testing it. It
worked pretty well, I got the iron palms work a lot better than before and
so.. only bad thing was regen. With 65% Cure light wounds one couldn't really
shine. I considered a little of my weaknesses and once again, it seemed I once
again needed more money and better eq.
So.. back to Merchants and in that time I got my first contact on Bard Guild,
I took one level just for my curiousity. And that was a catchy step, I would
be messing with it later. 
Next I tried being a Tiger with decent eq and regen. To ensure the regen I had
10 levels in Evil Priests. It was great success. It was working extremely well
on every way of thinking.
But then ... the Bard-fewer struck again. I knew I wouldn't be doing such a
great exp as a Bard.. but I just wanted to feel it. So here we are:
I am sitting in my room on a glorious summer day, I am kbh'ing and writing
this story. What a mess!
But I guess this is still worth it.

Dornier Idlehuorax