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Library: mustis


Author: Mustamiekka
Date:Aug 13 2002

As the beasts of prey take their flight.
terror rides in their wake,
Raise your arms,defend you own,
for the beasts take no pause,
they just go forth.

As the armies clash,
and the soldiers die,
heroes rise to take the cause,
fire and steel,blood and tears.

The beasts are strong,
and men lose faith,
"how can we win",
by force of will.

As heroes of man ride hard to break the enemys heart,
black magicks rain fire and ice,
the heroes flee in dire.

Can they fight this foe,
or do they take and go,
over the hills far away,
to build their lifes again.

In the time of greatest need,
magicians in white appear,
their art is clear and terrible power they yield

In the fields as men die,
the mages cast their art,
driven by lust for blood,
the enemy fight long and hard,
but by the grace of good,
men winning this battle are.

As generals drive their men on,
the beast see their end, 
they flee before the combined might,
back to the shadows whence they came. 

And can these men start anew,
their homes all but gon,e
they force them selfs by force of will,
to build their lifes again,
and so ends the age of fear,
won by men straight and true.

Will the enemy ride again,
or driven away forever they were,
the building of great forts begins,
and soon these men will on their own turn,
And as time of men end,something else their lands will take.

Is the end of men good or bad,
no one knows or will not say,
but deep in their hearts they know,
that men this earth shall rule til end.