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Library: My journey through batworld.


Author: Ronald
Date:Jan 9 2003

One morning when I woke up I realized that my life had keep going on and on
for same style. I wanted some change to prevent total boredom.

I decided to go travel, see the northern mountains, discover the mines of
moria and visit many other famous and well-known areas. I decided not to do
very strict plans, just travel and follow the paths that were ahead. I packed
my most important equipment, including flute (I was and I still am addicted to
music), some food supply (I think I'm able to get more during the tour de bat)
and my sweet and soft sleeping bag and hit the road.

Since I live near the keep of shadows, I was natural choose to head west and
north, trying to follow the road. My first destination was the famous
Sunderland. During the days I hiked toward Sunderland, I did not met anything
very special expect the so hostile barbarians. Luckily they were only camping
with their leader Oogga and I avoided combats with them.

Finally I arrived to Sunderland, explored land and I saw everything between
penguins and golems. I even heard a strange rumour about some magical staff
that could be found there. Unluckily I could not find it thou. I replenished
my food supplies and decided to head to deep mines of Moria, even thou
everyone gave me a warning about it's dangerous creatures.

I must have got lost somewhere since I could not find the entrance to the
cave. I tried to find it for couple days and then gave up, this journey will
take forever if I stop for 3days at every problem I meet. I decided to head
south, visit some good tavern at famous batcity and go on as fast as possible.
After asking some guidance from the great Tiburcio himself I found myself from
beautiful cornfields. "Follow the road", he said. First real problem came
while heading to next mayor city in batworld, Lorenchia. There had been floods
and the road was broken. Fortunately I met some local fisherman, sang some
good luck to them and they carried me to near lands of Lord Lor. Again I heard
warnings, now concerning about some horrendous wyrm that lived near city of
Lorenchia. I owe them much for that good deed.

I had now been on road for, umm, four weeks and five days. I was in a need of
rest, good food and easy-going parties, hope I find them from Lorenchia. I
never saw that horrendous wyrm but I got some problems with some funny, cloudy
man who claimed to be lord of giants. I never believed and he got pretty angry
for me. Hmm, rechie? Noo, Rechendak he was, that funny looking silly
elementalis. Anyway I finally arrived to Lorenchia, found nice parties, great
food and got even laid :). They loved our music from war north.

For my disappointment, the citizens of Lorenchia told me not to head east,
because of the floods. Sad, because I planned to visit that great chromatic
dragon, Tiamak. Rumours told that the one who defeats it, is awarded with many
divine equipments. Well I had to abide by my destiny.

I felt very exhausted and thought about going back to shadowkeep to friends
and family soon. I missed the really. Only problem was how do I get there. At
local tavern one night, I heard strange magicians chatting about some magical
devices, they called them portals, which can transport one to other city. They
said that every city had now their own portal, still under testing period.
They promised me a free trip if just dare to take that risk, they were not
100% safe at the moment. In one minute I found my standing in a middle of
shadowkeep marketplace. Man, that was easy.

I met my famile and friends, I really enjoyed being with them again. Childs
were very excited about my stories about wyrm, mines and other dangerous
creatures. I myself was also full of zest for life. That journey was best that
have ever happened to me. I warmly recommend yourself too to grab good shoes
and hit the road for better life quality!