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Library: Mysterious legacy


Author: Balron
Date:May 14 2002

This is a transcription of an old journal that was found when exploring
the ancient mountain prison area, located in the northeastern mountain range.
Some of the original journal pages were too badly damaged to be readable,
some were even missing, but I worked hard for countless hours to salvage
what was left.
While working on this transcription, I became entralled to the story that
begins to unravel. If anyone reading this should ever find the missing
pages or solve the mystery behind the journal, I would make it worthwhile
of your time to tell me all about it.
  Sincerely, Merain Flarogouh

--- Start of transcription ---

<< Many pages have been torn off the journal and are missing >>

At first I didn't notice, but as the youngling was talking and pacing back
and forth, his posture had began to change. He didn't look quite so lost,
insecure, anymore. There was something familiar in the way he moved.
As he was telling me the story of his capture, it suddenly struck me.
I recognized something I had almost forgotten as the years had passed
by, something I think I had wanted to forget. The recollection gave me
cold shivers.

Apparently the young lad noticed my astonishment and evil smile rose
to his face as he asked, 'Anything wrong, old man?'
'I know your kind!', I spat the words at him.
He straightened himself and the shadows in the room seemed to deepen
unnaturally as he spoke, 'Yes, old man, I see you are a perceptive and
clever one.I was hoping you wouldn't find out the involvement of our
brotherhood in this matter.'

He reached into shadows to pull out a pouch, which he threw at my feet.
'I have no quarrel with you, what is this all about?' I asked the young man,
who has now transformed into shadowy fierce looking figure.
The now black figure roared in laughter, 'You yourself told me of the troubles
that led to this situation. I must apologize for the unorthodox method,
since this is only a delivery as it was requested by the client. But I
can assure you that the outcome will be quite the same.'
Before I could react, the figure leaped into the unnaturally dark shadows
and disappeared.

I was trembling in fear, trying to catch up with the situation. I was
baffled about the 'delivery' part, but when I looked at my feet I realized
it was all over for me. There were hundreds of tiny spiders crawling out of
the pouch the assassin had thrown me. Before I could run I had already got
bitten by many of them, and I could feel the poison in my veins, crawling
slowly towards every part of my body. The Spider Queen had won, within days
I would be completely paralyzed and die in unspeakable agony.


It is now three days since fatal incident. The poison has been draining
my strength to even write my journal. To be honest, I'm surprised I even got
this far. Yesterday I felt my legs starting to go numb and I tore off
the few last pages I had written and put them in the safe place.
I fear I may not be able to go there soon and in those pages is
knowledge that must not be found by ...
<< The handwriting turns almost too illegible to transcribe >>
.. blasted, my whole right side is paralyzed now. This will be my last
entry to this journal. I shall only hope that my hidden legacy will be found
by someone worthy of it.

--- End of transcription ---