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Library: Mystery of The lonely Man


Author: Balthas
Date:May 12 2002

                This tale is about a lost love and misery of a lonely man.
This story starts from 400 before Crist and its has circulated from bard to
bard for many centuries. My grandfather heard this from bard which had came
here over seas and he told this to my father which wrote this up in book and
gave it to me. This is sad, but fascinating story.

There were a young boy called Hugo. Hugo had some secret abilities which
waited him to grow up.  His father was a wice seer and his mother had died
right after his birth. His father was really badly sick and when Hugo were
seven his father was dying  at his dying bed father said to his son 'Becareful
Your closest person will try to betray you, but someone will stop him.. so
don't go down when this happens!'  After this Hugo's father died.

Hugo forgetted this when years went by and he founded a woman for him a very
lovely and pretty one. This young couple were deeply in love to each other.
They lived happily and had very passionaly realitonship and everyone tought
that they would like together till the end. They were like made for each

That man were called Hugo and the name of the girl noone knows... Hugo were a
mighty wizard who was on charge of the most important town of the times World.
City were called as Laurencia. 

Hugo didnt know that the girl was planning something in his mind.. girl had
some evil thoughts. Some old, secret books are telling that the girl were a
witch, who tried to ruin the town by taking Hugo to its control. '

The concil of wise mens got inkling of this womens doings and banished the
woman to the desert and killed her. The council decided to keep this as an
secret and they didnt even tell about this to Hugo.

Days went by and Hugo started to wonder where has his woman gone... Normally
this woman made four to six days trips to the city near by Laurencia.  And now
she had been like one month on that trip. Hugo started to wander to the
caravans take off place every evening and looked for his woman. He searched
his woman every where and he didnt find her... he started to be very depressed
and towns economy and health went down very fast because Hugo couldn't do
anything else than wander and search for his love. 

Little by little Hugo lost his magic powers and his hair started to gray up.
He didnt speak to noone and he just started to wander from his house to the
'caravan take off place'. People started to forget who that man is and started
to speak about him like he were a freek or so. 

Freek he really started to be after couple of years. He didn't even remember
who he were and everyone laughed at him. He didn't notice anybody. He just

Hugo still wanders all over and search his love. You can recognize this
wanderer of his torments rubed down face and gray long hair.  Be gentle to him
and try to make him feel better.

I have heard Hugo has been senteced to eternal life as long as he gets a kiss
from his love. Seems that Hugo wanders from town to town, from east to west
till the end of world. But! I also heard from my source that if Hugo finds a
maid that looks like his woman and the woman falls in love with him - Hugo
gets his youth and magic-knowledge back. Then they can live their life(and
Hugo's new life) in new kindom happily.  Noone knows if this really is
possible, but you never know.