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Library: myths and outright lies


Author: Ran
Date:Aug 29 1997

Please not that I am only writing for myself and the world I know, I cannot
speak for every single thing that ever was in the universe.

The term "alien" is used to apply to anything that is a "person" but is not a

All aliens do not have one or more "special powers".  Often times, these
"super powers" are exagerated abilities.  For instance, an alien cannot turn
into a 50-foot-tall monster, but certain ones can make small natural
adjustment to thier face and body to appear human (if they wish to). 
other minor abilities may exist but these are quite varied and differ
depending on the particular race and being.

It is generally possible to tell a non-disguised alien from a human.  Check
for slightly pointy ears, horns (sometimes), off-color hair (common), and bad
temper (not very helpful...)  

Alien society is NOT imperialist or warlike.  This does not mean that aliens
are not sadistic people, in fact they are quite sadistic.  It just means they
do not wish to take over or invade other worlds.  So long as they are not
threatened or attacked, they are little threat to other worlds as a whole.

One single alien race does not lead or rule the others.  The society is a
mixture of like races and often hybrids.  There is little strife or hatred
between individual races, unlike on this world.

Yes, certain human foods are not very well-liked by aliens.  We just don't
like foods that taste bad. In fact, the majority of alien races are natural
hunters who prefer to catch and eat their food live.

Human recreational drugs might have no effect, or might have a much-increased
effect on aliens.  The exact effect differs from drug to drug.

Aliens can withstand heat and cold.  For instance, wearing a bikini in snow.  

Yes, Alien food is extremely spicy.  Actually, human food is not spicy enough.

Certain races prefer sweet things to eat, such as fruit or candy over meat. 
Other races prefer to eat omnivorous or carnivorous animals such as humans,
cats, dogs, or other active mammals.  Generally, the rest prefer a balanced

Aliens can take more pain than humans before whining or becoming
incapacitated.  This is due to years and years of socially acceptable sadism. 
If alone and away from alien society for long enough, aliens generally become
masochistic and painfully self-inflict scratches and bruises on themselves.

There are no true BEM's (bug-eyed-monster) aliens.  Practically all the races
can pass for humans, minus a few small details.

Just about every alien has significantly high metabolism rate than humans.  If
an alien has to subsist on human food alone, they will find themselves having
to eat a great deal and will probably suffer from malnutrition.  Only the ones
that take a great joy in eating eat great amounts of human food, most others
are content to eat small and large animals like cats, dogs, birds, pigs, and
humans live, since that has the highest energy content.  

Aliens will not get sick from eating raw or undercooked meat, or from eating
live animals.  The threats from micro-organisms are much greater on the alien
world, as life has had longer to evolve and is more well-developed than here. 
The alien bugs which can be caught by humans are quite nasty also.
Fortunately, most of the ones catchable by humans are "designer bugs" produced
as biological weapons, which are designed to be more of a nuisance rather than
fatal (a very large nuisance though).  

Though processed alien food (ie. candy) does have an extremely high energy
content, it is general the extremly strong taste that stops humans from liking
it.  Certain human foods, like sugary breakfast cereals technically have the
same "energy content" as alien food --  try strawberry flavored Pop Tarts for
one.  But aliens dislike the extremely high-energy human foods because of the
limited types avaliable and the general taste, much too sweet. (See above for
more details)

While the clothing aliens wear may differ, in generally it is very light. 
Also, modesty is not a big thing in society, so a lot of the clothing worn can
be "revealing".  The fabric used for clothing is a lightweight, strong fabric
that does not rip or tear easily.  Bright, but not flourescent colors are
favored, dark or drab colors (except totally black) are frowned upon. Clothing
is either solid in color or has thin, random, alternating stripes.  Thick
human clothing, such as heavy jackets is hated, though thinner human clothing
such as T-shirts or tank tops and shorts, swimsuits, bikinis, even light
dresses are generally bearable.

In general, aliens have a different sense of smell than humans.  This is
likely because they are natural hunters.  The smell of flowers, most plants
(here), and certain other things are absolutely repugnant.  Whereas the smell
of humans, cats, dogs, and other food animals like chickens is generally found
pleasant or liked, depending on if that animal is part of the diet of the
specific race.

In general, Aliens are slightly more active than typical humans.  This is very
general.  A lot of humans are hyperactive or overactive, and aliens can also
be in terrible shape.  Unlike humans, with aliens there is little difference
in outright brute strength and physical exertion/stanima than in humans.  In
alien society, whether boys or girls are stronger / better fighters is often
the point of great debate and strife / wars.