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Library: A tale of a bard near Sad Moose Inn


Author: Twomi
Date:Nov 11 2002


"It was a passing autumn evening, slowly
getting dark after the sunset. I was
arriving to a small village, hoping to
get a nightstand for a night or two."
said grey-bearded old man. "I believe
not a single soul in here has heard this
tale before, do you want to hear it?"
he continued.

"Yes!", the crowd shouted. "Nothing is
more fun than an exciting story beside
a fireplace and a pint of fine ale." a man
from the people around the bard added.
"A pint of file ale? Anyone wishing to
buy the storyteller one of those?"
the bard asked, and found four pints
of beer on the table before finishing
his sentence. "All right...", he said.

"Like I said, I was arriving to a small
village at the sunset. The temperature
was a bit below zero, and small snow
flakes were slowly floating down from
the sky. There was no wind, and the
trees were still in full colour. I was
walking down the main road looking for
an inn to stay, when I heard sounds of
a fierce fight." the bard said quickly
and took a quick look to the crowd. It
was listening tightly, eyes glowing with

The bard took a sip from the beer. "So
there was a fight somewhere aruond the
corner. I sharpened my senses, drew my
trustworthy sword from the sheath and
walked closer to the origin of the
sounds." he continued. "Even I was
experienced and been through a lot
I was a bit scared. There were screaming
and shouting, swords and shield clanging
and silent whispers for help." the bard
said and imitated the sounds frightening
the crowd. They looked excited and scary.

"Please continue", a young lady from the
crowd said. "Yes, yes", the bard replied.
"The fight was between the King's Knights
and a band of ogres. The Knights were
losing the fight, since the ogres got them
badly outnumbered. Their shiny plates were
battered and covered in blood, both ogre
and human. Seven bodies were laying on the
ground, two decapitated Knights and three
dead ogres, two were wounded.", he merely
whispered under his grey-beard, voice

"I advanced closer, and made a quick count.
Nine ogres were fighting four Knights. The
situation required my intervention, but I
was unsure what to do. Should I run to the
tavern and hope there were men able to fight
the ogres, or should I use my element of
surprise and take one or two ogres down
before they would notice what had happened.",
he said wondering. "I bet a silver coin that
you went for help!", a tall man threw a
challenge in the air. "Don't bet your coins
on things that can't happen", the bard
replied quickly. "You would lose the bet,
and by the looks of you, you wouldn't pay
the bet anyways.", he said. The tall man
turned red, looking rather angry. A sturdy
man asked how bard knew that the man was
a known cheater. "An experienced wayfarer
can tell from a man's face if he is telling
lies.", he replied.

"Well, let us forget that, and lets get
back to the story. As you know by now, I
didn't go for help. I stuck my blade to
nearest ogre's throat and he fell down
silently, which gave me a chance to swing
the blade at the second ogre. Unsuccesfully
I managed to wound an arm only, but as the
Knights noticed they got help, their faces
brightened and their attack got more edge.",
the bard said. "The ogres were grim
fighters, and would not surrender, and why
would they? They still outnumbered us
eight to five. Their strength was
unmatched.", he said worriedly and heard
a few oohs and aahs from the crowd.

"I was able to take my foe down, as I
wasn't exhausted like the others. One
Knight was taken out by three ogres,
beated to death by superior forces. The
courage was slowly draining from the
allies, so I stepped couple steps
backwards, took out my golden harp from
the sack and ferociously sang a song
to boost morale. The notes were mighty
as I am not a supporter of ogres. I
played my harp as never before, and
brought the strength back to the arms
and legs of my fellows. I joined them
and we managed to kill three, each one
killing one. As the forces turned nearly
equal, four to three, suddenly the ogres
retreated!", the bard shouted.

"We congratulated each others for surviving
the assault as we noticed the reason why
the ogres had fled. A band of townsfolk
torches burning brightly was marching our
way, swords glimmering in the torchlight.
We hailed the townfolk and informed them
out the situation.", he said with delighted
voice. 'Thank the Gods for your help,
strangers. Those ogres has been raiding our
city every month, we have been unable to
defend ourselves. As usual, we were.. uhh,
hiding tonight. Suddenly we heard this
encouraging song which raised the spirit
and we regrouped and went looking for the
ogres.', the man holding a torch said.

'It was you!', someone yelled. 'Yes, I
am a bard and sang a song to upheld the
failing morale. I guess it worked better
than I thought, we were in trouble even
we managed to slay most of them.', the
bard explained. 'I don't know why the
Knights were here, but I know that these
fine men could use some rest and healing.
I arrived here for that anyways, I
believe you have an inn around?', the
bard asked. 'Yes, the Sad Moose Inn in
is near. Come and rest! We shall treat
you as heroes, whilst you are ones!',
the innkeeper announced. 'Gladly!', we
replied as from one mouth. So we marched
to the inn, healed our wounds and sing
merry songs. They were wondeful folk!",
the bard said joyfully.

"It surely was a tale to hear!", crowd
cheered. "Glad you liked it, even it did
not have a dragon or trolls in it.", the
bard replied. "Rarely there is more
enjoyable story than the real ones.",
he said and drank the pint empty. "I'll
better be going to sleep now, good folk,
for I am tired. I shall stay another
night, so gather around tomorrow and I
shall tell you a tale with a fiery
dragon! I bid you good night!", he said.