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Library: Navigating the Outworld, an Easy Guide to the Batmap.gif


Author: Yari
Date:Nov 2 1995


The Bat outworld is a large place, and navigation can, at times, 
be daunting.  This need not be the case, what with the 
resurrection of the tree system, one might go through an entire 
newbiehood without ever knowing where any areas are in relation to 
one another, but, in the case of the mud purist who wishes to 
walk, or the indigent traveler who has no choice, there is help.

The batmap.gif file is an automatically generated graphics file  
of GIF format.  Upon each reboot, this wonder file is produced, 
and contained in it are the locations of any area that is marked 
with a '?' on the outworld.  To download this gif is a very simple 
project, requiring only the most modest internet skills.  I shall 
outline here how to FTP the file.

** Disclaimer **
I am not a internet guru.  I am actually closer to an 
InterSchmuck.  However, I am able to download this badboy gif, 
whereas many are not aware of how to do it.  What I am about to 
post may not work for you, because your system is somehow tweaked.  
I am NOT the person to ask particularly technical questions of on 
this matter.  However, if you are an InterGuru, and see something 
you think I should add or subtract to this book, let me know.  If 
you are having troubles, don't ask me unless you absolutely can't 
think of anyplace else to go for help, because I probably _won't 
know the answer_.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol):
FTP is a very simple way to transfer files from one computer to 
There are 5 essential commands you will need to know:

The FTP command is your connection command.  In this case, you 
would 'ftp'.  This will connect you to Bat's 
machine.  Now you will have to login, with the login name 
'anonymous' or 'ftp'.  For a password, it will ask for your Email 
address.  Be a good FTP'er and take the time to type it out.  
Then, you are in, you have now mastered the connection process.

CD and LS commands I'll include here in one shot.  They are simple 
unix commands, if you don't know them by now, tsk, but for 
argument's sake, this is what they do:  CD is change_directory, it 
lets you move up or down a directory.  LS lets you see what's IN 
the directory you just moved to.  Just do 'cd <directoryname>' and 

Now, you wish to get the file you are FTPing for.  Just 'get 
<filename>'.  Tough, huh?  This command will dump the file you are 
getting to the directory that you are ftping from.

Now, just "quit", and you are the master of FTP that you always 
knew you could be.  Hmm, now, it's time for pathnames.

To get at the gif:
cd pub/images/misc
batmap.gif is in this directory.  It's a 27K file, will take you 
almost no time to download.

There is also a world wide web page or two for bat, the gif is 
located at these sites too.  I, however, am not the one to ask 
about this.  Try asking on the various channels.

As for how to view the gif, if you run a Mac, I may be able to 
help you.  I am a Mac man, myself.  If you do not run a Mac, 
well...ask someone else.  ;)  Again, try channels, there's almost 
certainly someone out there that knows.

Using the GIF to get around:

The idea is simple, 1 pixel = 1 room.  All you need now is a way 
to view it while you are playing bat.  Hardcopy laser prints work, 
so do all sorts of window-oriented OS's.  Moving around the 
outworld is really quite fast, if you use the 'walk' command.

If you wish to add to this book, write a section, mail it to me, 
and I'll add it.  Perhaps a list of sites at which to get gif 
viewers for windows or dos, or some such, would be appropriate.  
Who knows.

Yari Shidosha, the Captain of Fighters (Noble Friend)