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Library: Navigator Trees


Author: Beccy
Date:Dec 2 1995

When my last days were upon me, and the trials of existence began to drive me
to madness like the drops of water that fall endlessly in the echoes of a
dungeon, I longed for the escape of sleep.  In my dreams I found the beauty
not found in life, and wandered through the gardens of my mind.
Once when the breeze was light and scented of roses I heard the call of far
away lands and sailed towards an unknown destination under a velvet brocade of
Once when the gentle rain fell, I drifted down a sunless river beneath the
ground until I reached another world of colorful light and trees that touched
the sky.
And once I walked through a golden valley that led to an abandoned city with
walls covered with green and a mighty gate of crystal.

Many times I have walked through the valley, and each time would I spend
progressively longer lingering in the shadowy light of the mighty trees, their
trunks covered with vibrant fungi.  And always the goal of my fantasy was the
great vine-covered walls and invisible gate.
As time passed I grew weary of the mundane trudging and would often drift
across the wide open spans of clear blue waters, through the valley and the
trees.  And as I gazed upon the gate in the wall of green I felt that beyond
lay a garden of dreams from which there would be no leaving.  So each night I
slept and dreamt, and searched for the key hidden to unlock the gate of
Then, one night in the dream forest I found an old book filled with the
musings of the now-gone inhabitants of the city of dreams.  It spoke to me,
compelled me to open and absorb its passages.  It contained much on dreams,
and lore about the great sea, golden valley, deep forest, and the wall broken
by the massive gate.
Some of the inhabitants wrote generously of the world behind the gate, of
wonder and breathtaking, yet others told of disappointment and fear.  I knew
not which to believe, yet longed more and more to cross the barrier between
here and there.  On the last page of the tome I learned of the key to unlock
the gate and usher me through - a substance in the non-dream world.

Tonight I swallowed the drug and lazily floated across the calm seas, into the
valley and through the trees, and when I came upon the gate of crystal it was
not locked.  From beyond came a light that bathed the giant trees and misty
waters in a rosy glow.  Without hesitation I glided through.
But as the gate opened wider and fog of the drugs and dreams led me through, I
knew the sights and sounds behind me were no more; for in this new realm I saw
neither earth or sky, water or life, but only the gray void of nothingness
which would never end.  And I turned to see the crystal gate slowly close and
vanish.  In that moment I embraced oblivion and smiled.