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Library: network goes to war


Author: Lum
Date:Jul 18 1998

* Introduction *
This is a compendium of reports about the current network war, from the start
on or about July 6th (+/- a few days).  This war is uncompleted, and is an
ongoing "operation" for the network.

* Battle at "Hilton" Hotel, the suprise Cos-play skirmish *
(Summary)  This incedent takes place on or about July 6th.  This is what the
network "call to war" began with. Following is a network report, which is
close to english:

"We had some girls in character outfits walking from the convention center to
the hotel.  The hotel security was very rude to us and called us freaks.  One
of the guards made a gun sign with his hand and pointed it at us, saying 'we
should just shoot them'.  We took the elevator up to floor 5 (where our rooms
were) but the security personel stopped us from getting off the elevator by
pushing us.  The security forces had enough people to form a wall, to stop us
from entering, but soon our people arrived too, and a "pushing war" ensued. 
After this, it escalated when the guy dressed as Inu-Yasha (a demon-type
character) pulled out his plastic sword which the security forces mistook for
a real blade.  At this point, battle was joined.  It was very messy, our
forces were split up but fought well.  We continued to receive reinforcements,
while the security forces did not.  After doing considerable damage to our
enemy, we were called to do a strategic withdrawl to regroup.  When we
regrouped, it was evident some people were missing, it is impossible to say
how many.  We received an order to retreat, that we would eventually be
outnumbered by security personel if we stayed in the area.  No one wanted to
risk their lives needlessly, and we could always plan a counterattack.  So we
retreated to a 'safehouse' and the people who were supposed to sleep in the
hotel slept there.  We are planning a counterattack, there's going to be hell
to pay for this.

One thing that should be noted is that even a number of non-network
individuals gave a report similar to this one, up to the point where the
Inu-yasha guy drew the plastic sword and "battle was joined".

(Some other clips)
from a dejanews search:
> Complaints heard by others - poor quality opening ceremony visuals/sound, 4
> hour wait for a really bad masquerade, really hostile hotel security 
> kicking people off floors and busting parties, bad valet service (30 min. 
> wait to get car), midnight madness ending too soon, having special 
Personally, I find the addition of really young children in the cosplay  to be
alarming.  Yes, it's cute.  But, I don't fancy a cosplay filled  with kids. 
As for teh actual cosplay quality, look on the bright side,  it's better than
last year's.  At least I got to see it in the main room.

I encourge anyone who has a LEGITIMATE complaint against the Hotel's  security
staff to call and voice your concerns.  The treatment of AX  guests/members by
the Hotel's security staff (late shift) is unacceptable.

(A side note)
This is actually part of a much larger thing.  This behaviour of the "security
forces" is well documented in other instances at this conventions.  It can be
deduced beyond doubt that the hotel's "security forces" at this con did
involve themselves in 1) The harassment, and detention of con members (by
outnumbering them), 2) The cancelation, by force and threats and violence, of
numerous YAOI/SAI related events, for reasons yet to be discussed, and 3) The
violent interference and detainment of nonhostile, nuetral reporters
(videotaping with cameras), 4) The criminal destruction of evidence, and
subsequent covering-up.

This is really an unfolding matter, and full knowledge of everything is not
yet known.  Just keep in mind that there's more going on here than just the
network fighting with hotel security b'cos they were called "freaks" and later
pushed around.

(Documenting the tactics of the security forces)
It is necessary to document the tactics of the security forces to substatiate
the network's claims.

(Cancellation of the "A-kon / BAAS incedent)
(just a dejanews search)
I have to mention
something about the A-kon incident. Yes they did cancel the party. There
was security telling anyone who didn't belong on the 5th floor to leave.
The BAAS people lent the room for a party or get together after the
cosplay. They got the suite with the unwritten notion the hotel would
allow them to host the party and that they(BAAS And A-kon) would do
everything in their power to keep any and all noise from disturbing the
guests, but the hotel for some reason cancelled it before it even
started. I won't say what the reasons were and I would be speculating if
I did. This matter in in the hands of BAAS, A-Kon, and the Hilton.

Subsequent inquiries have found more information about the formentioned
incedent, but this is only related to the network's battle in context, not
directly.  It only serves to validate the treatment of the network by the
security forces.

* Network begins to plan counterattack *
It should go without saying that something as this cannot be ignored by the
network.  Even as they were pulling the strategic retreat, network members