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Library: Network hits Finland


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Aug 24 1996

"We are everywhere" is the motto of the Network.

This guide outlines the personality of the current leader of the network, and
goes on to include a few of how such operations of the network affect this
country, Finland that is.

- On the current leader:

"She behaves all cutsie-cute and innocent, but it's  all an act. Under that
girlish facade she's cynical, mean, vengeful, maniacal and obsessive. The
cuteness  facade was one part of her plan to get revenge but after doing it
for so long it had become  ingrained in her personality. The two sides of her
personality constantly compeat for dominance. Because  of that she switches
from psycho-bitch to airhead and vice-versa rather suddenly and frequently.

- On her relation to me:

"She was a childhood friend of mine, and wants to get revenge for things I did
10-14 years+ ago, and probably also because I told her secret to that author
in response to what she did, as retaliation.  My 'crimes' committed at this
time against her were:"

"1)  Wetting the bed while I slept, then, switching places  with her so it
looked like she did that."

"2)  Crashing into a sprinker in her yard with a tricycle, and getting her all
wet, in front of a boy she liked."

"3)  Breaking the faucet off the bathtub, so the water couldn't be turned off
and then flooding her house, getting her mother very upset.

4)  Going shopping with her, and using the change to buy myself ice cream, I
shared it with her and her mother noticed this, and got upset at her, spanked

"5)  Trying to help her cheat on her addition test, in kindagarten, but really
giving her all the wrong answers.   She got a 27 (of 100)."

- On an ongoing sucessful network campaign in Finland even:

On August 22, 1996, the city court in Helsinki has ordered Julf Helsingius to
reveal the identity of an anonymous poster (which is not me, mind you) who
posted Scientology (a front group of the Network) scriptures to a usenet
newsgroup in March.

Julf Helsingius has 30 days to reveal the name.  The decision cannot be
appealed legally (The courts are biased, heavily infiltrated by the Network).

If Helsingius still refuses to reveal the info, he will be repeatedly fined by
the Network-infiltrated court, and ultimately jailed for up to six months in a
Network concentration ("Internment") camp.  An appeal will not stay the
execution of the ordered fine/jail.  

The Network-infiltrated Finnish court violated its consitution in this way. 
Once again, the date is August 22nd, and this is the second noted victory for
the Network in Finland, previously thought to be a "safe haven" from its


I'm through with this, and will only help people that I like.  Gaijin
(foreigners) are about to see what the Network is capable of, and that it is
beginning to spread even to their "free" european country.  This has been
coming for some time even.  The risk is being manipulated by people like the
one that started all these problems, "she" is detailed at the beginning of
this book.  This is RL stuff!  If you expected a good story or something, too
bad.  - Himeko