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Library: network lingo


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Jan 4 1997

Terms and definitions.  If you get strange tells from network geeks, and want
to know what they're really saying, this book is for you.

"clear" - 1)  To make habitable by removing all resistance.  "Once we cleared
the house, we took some time to dispose of the bodies, and then used that as
our residence."

"clear" - 2)  To commit genocide, to kill all pertaining to.  "Remember, win
condition for the network is 'clear the planet'."

"blow" - 1)  To leave, or threaten to leave the network.  2)  To have doubts
about being in the network, or the network's omnipotence.  "Duncan almost blew
the other day when he found out about Piiki.  Fortunately, me and my Glock[1]
convinced him otherwise."  [1] "Glock" - a pistol (gun)

"wet" - 1) having to do with blood -- killing, assasination, etc., in contrast
to infiltration, the norm.  2)  "wet work" - assasination.  "Wet work bugged
Mary at first, but now she's a pro."

"Prime"/"Vulcan"/"Marcab"/others - 1) A 10th planet in the solar system, in
the same orbit as earth but 180 degrees out of phase, exactly opposite the
sun.  "When visiting Marcab, you must beware of collisions with their own
spacecraft, such as the Trikelion V, known for its resemblence to the DC-8[1]"
[1] - an older earth prop-driven passanger plane.

"Marcab" - 1) insult, resembles "dork" in usage.  "I told Chris he was a
marcab, but he just ignored me."

"Marcab" - 2) An alien race, anatomically like humans but with a "backwards"
society not unlike the '50s.  They are a spacefaring civilization, but they
still have top hats/fedoras, stoplights, and spacecraft that resemble DC-8s.

"incog" - 1) Strange, offbeat, unsuitable.  "Needs such as food, sleep, and
shelter are incog for members of the network."

"player" - 1) A person, in general.  "Players need to be happy in order to
keep playing."

1,1 / 1.1 / "one one" - 1) Overly hostile.  "I tried to work things out with
her, but she was stuck on being one one."  2) Hiding something, concealing
something, 'covert hostility' - "I should have known about Chris, he's been
1.1 all along."

"yaada"/"yada" - 1) et cetera, and so on.  "Chris will blow unless we give him
one thousand pounds, a new cat, a ticket to a new play, a hamster, yada yada

"x[i/e]nu" - 1) UNIX, an operating system, spelled backwards.  2) A very evil
thing, a demon/devil.  UNIX is like God to the network, and therefore UNIX
spelled backwards is the opposite of God.  The use of "Xinu" is originally
japanesse, the english version is written "Xenu" since a japanesse 'I' is
prononced 'E'.

"bg" - 1) idiotic, useless person.  "The network can, should, and will offload

su-ku-ni-u - 1) See x[i/e]nu.  One phonetic translation of UNIX reversed in
japanesse.  In japanesse, UNIX is typically referred to as "U-N-I-X", rather
than "u-ni-ku-su", so this is rare.  Sometimes shortened to suku-chan,
suku-san, suku-kun, etc.

"clunker" - 1) computer.  "My clunker broke, can I borrow yours for a half

"cycle" - 1) day.  "I feel like I've rested for three cycles, but according to
my watch its only an hour."

"die" - 1) Leave the network.  "I almost thought Peter was going to die the
other day."

"control-Z", "Z-con" - 1) Abort, terminate.  "This operation is going nowhere.
 Z-con it."  2) Kill an unborn child, get an abortion.  ""Mary knew she'd be
made to die if she had a child in the network, so she Z-conned it."

"action" - 1) An action taking place within the network.  All other "actions"
are "nil", the network doesn't believe they exist.  "Only those in the network
can really take actions, others are just repeating and reliving their lives."

"PTP" - 1) An unreal problem, or a problem believed by the network to be
"virtual".  "You shouldn't have to worry about the PTP of being killed IRL."

"Responsibility" - 1) Duty to the network above all else.  "Johnson finally
realised his responsibility to the network and killed his incog little sister
as ordered."

"SP", "SIP", "IPT" - 1) A number of acronym's which mean that the individual
in the network is worrying too much about RL stuff, and shouldn't be.  "Mary
still can't kill her daddy, so I'm requesting that the IPT be given TR/real

"TR" - 1) Acronym for "true reality" -- a reality other than real-life that
the network endorses.  "You're so-called real-life is not TR.  BAT is the one
and only TR, period."

"Ascended", "FTC", "grown up" - 1) A member of the network who no longer has
any need for real-life and does not participate in real-life anything at all. 
Considered a compliment.  "Congrats, Duncan.  You've finally earned the honour
of a true FTC."  2) A theoretical entity, consisting of the consciousness of
someone who's "ascended".  Sometimes also known as an "R", or "Ron", after
someone who allegedly did this.

"WDC" - 1) Kind of like the network's KGB, a high-level top orgonization that
tries to stop "corruption" / "deviancy".

"Stone" - 1) A non-gaseous planet, generally capable of supporting life. 
"After departing our base, we stopped by the third stone to pick up some corn
nuts and retrieve our colony of squirrels."  2) Earth, or an earth-like planet
with a significant amount of landmass.  "The second stone was heavily infested
with marcabs, so we had to clear it before landing there ourselves."

"dry" - 1) typical, 'standard operation', 'by the book'.  2) When referring to
work, infiltration in contrast to 'clearing' (killing).  "We don't want to
clear the wizzes.  Do some good dry work instead."

"stuff" - 1) Data or info.  Typically refers to "recon" data such as folders,
maps dirt/mud files (on people).  2) 'get the stuff' - give your report to me.

"race" - 1) condescending way to address RL.  "He's so caught up in the race,
he can't see the big picture."  2) 'race is done' - died IRL.  "when the race
is finally run / we're right back where we started from" - network rhyme.

"grease" - 1) like "dough", refers to money.  "I'll need some grease" is a
request for funding.

"well done" - 1) Killed.  "Would you like this one _well done_, like the last
few?", asked Mary.  Duncan nodded.  "As always."

"prowler" - 1) A police car.  "A prowler pulled up to the store, so we ran out
the back exit."  2) A cop.  "The prowler went away after I discharged my Glock
into his left leg."

bb - 1) Baiting, or getting a rise out of someone.  Also known to the network
as "pressing buttons", "upsetting", or "bull-baiting".

hatch - 1) concoct, create, make up.  "It's obvious our old plan isn't
working.  Go hatch a new one."

"SM" - 1) sadomasochism, sadomasochist.  One who gets sexual pleasure by
causing intense pain in others, or by hurting themselves, or some combination
of the two.

"clean" - 1) Similar to clear, only implies a well-thought-out and carefully
done job.  2) "Cleaner" a professional hitman.

"went"/"goes" - 1) To say or speak.  "So he goes, 'I have to wash my dog.',
and she went, 'Fuck You!' and slapped him."

"SYP" - 1) Acronym for "Say your Prayers".