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Library: network pastimes


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Oct 18 1996

This is a compendium of some of the strange pastimes or "hobbies" that network
members will tend to have.

MUDDING - some network members are very involved with MUD-ing to the point
that to them the MUD world is just as real as "RL", they have either lost the
comprehension of real life or opted out of it, since it was "boring or
unfulfilling" for them.  Of course, the reverse is not true, not all avid MUD
players are network members.

LOLICON - Many network members, males especially, have a tendency to be
sexually attracted to very young girls.  If you have any young children, it
would be best to keep them away from Duncan and other known network members

COSTUME PLAY - A carryover from the pastime of Halloween (a pagan new-year
holiday), some network members enjoy dressing up as someone/something else on
a regular basis. Sometimes "plays" or "historical events" are acted out, but
often this is a way of the network ridding itself of unwanted members.  One
popular "historical event" to act out is shooting the apple off the other guys
head, but "accidentally" missing and hitting his head instead.

COMPUTER GAME - Nintendo, Video game, etc. are known to be majour network
pastimes.  It is not uncommon for holy wars and purges to happen over which
video game, or video gaming system, is the best. Duncan, a high-level network
official, has unsucessfully tried to arbitrate a truce between the many sides.

TELEVISION - Certain shows have a very high percentage of network watchers. 
One is "The X-Files".  Amazing, a large amount of Network members also watch
numerous soap operas, such as "Beverly Hills 90210" and such.  It is believed
that their overall "lack of a real-life" may contribute to this.  While they
are unable to interact in society, they can at least feel all right by
watching TV and feeling like they're "up to date".

SPYING - Spying, as a hobby or a profession, is common for network members. 
The "spy story summary ongoing" is a dramatization of network spying, network
facades, and the mind-games that network members play with each other.