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Library: new levels of sick-ness


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Feb 15 1997

Please do not send any more of this type.  People here should have better and
less sick minds than this.  I will not do a direct translation, but I'll at
least try to summarize b'cos I said I would.  But if anyone sends me any of
this stuff in the future I'll use it in my fireplace and will not send it

"issue" #1
A cute and popular guy makes a bet with some of his friends that he can have
sex with the first girl to walk into the hotel entrance.  He bet 50000Y (about
$500.00 I think).  The first girl to walk in is Haruka, so he feels relieved
it wasn't some old lady.  So he tries to ask her out and gets beaten up.  He
won't stop, and tries to yank off her clothes, and gets knocked unconscious. 
After that, Haruka is so heated she has to find Michiru and and we'll
hopefully don't need help with this part and afterwords Haruka say's she's
"calmed down" and back to normal.

"issue" #2
This has a Lolicon circle composed of older businessmen plot to kidnap the
girl the girl who looks more like a cat with her hair ("Chibi").  They get her
one day coming home from little-kids'-school and kidnap her, and then try to
gang-rape her.  But once they take all her clothes she yells for her help to
her older sister ("Bunny") and finally gets pissed and transforms into a
tougher fighting girl.  She beats up all the old guys with a stick and they
get taken off to prison.

"issue" #3
This begins with the white and black cats mating, and then both wonder "what
it is like to do it with human".  So while the "Bunny"-girl sleeps, they take
off her clothes and fondle her.  The only reason it works is b'cos she thinks
she's dreaming.  Hopefully you can understand what is going on in this part. 
When the girl notices she isn't dreaming, she gets very mad and throws the
cats into the pool.  The cats are very perturbed and say "humans aren't all
that great, I think I'll just stick with other cats", and the other cat says
"yeah humans are too rough, not delicate enough".

"issue" #4
The japanesse shrine girl is trying to banish an evil spirit from her grandpa
but gets possessed instead.  The spirit admitted she was cuter than the old
man.  The spirit of course is a guy so she goes walking around town looking at
girls and finding Mina, the girl with the long blonde hair and says she has a
"secret" to tell her.  Mina(ko) and her go to an isolated place, and then she
rips of Mina's and her clothes and says she thinks Mina's body is better than
hers and is jealous.  Minako realizes something is wrong and uses her power to
give the temple girl a heart attack, and when she comes back around she's
normal again, and she sees Minako and her naked and thought Minako was trying
to come on to her and calls Mina a few names and then leaves and ignores her.

"issue #5"
In this, the light-haired older guy and his student wife are having "marital
problems", but are both being quiet about what kind.  Naru (Naruko?), the girl
has to talk to the bunny-girl and tells her that her and her husband are
having some problems and she is real sad.  She says its not really his fault
and its not her fault either.  The bunny-girl thinks for a while and then says
"I'm confused, I don't understand!".  So Naru explains (with rather graphic
diagrams) that her husband and her can't have sex b'cos "he's not hard
enough".  But the bunny girl says not to worrey and that even if Naru's
husband used to be her enemy she'll always help a friend of a friend, and so
the bunny-girl "heals" her husband and the next part we'll its graphic you
shouldn't need too much help with that.  Afterword Naru says she's finally
happy and not very sad anymore.

"issue #6"
Apparently this is the last issue before the doujinshi was banned and the
authors were told to stop writing it.  The text at the beginning reads "This
will be our final issue, since we have been threatened with libel suit" and
some other things about the PTA and other concerned groups making them stop. 
Thank goodness.

There is a sexual-education class that the blue-haired girl, the blonde
long-haired girl, the bunny girl, the girl who works at the shrine, and the
rest take together for school (it's required).  So that night the bunny-girl
is in the bath trying to "look at herself" and can't, she isn't flexible
enough.  The other girls are also having numerous troubles, except we see
Haruka and Michiru sleeping soundly on top of each other.  The bunny girl
starts to think she's "defective" and yelling, so her mom kicks her out of the
house.  She goes over to the friends house where they're all gathered, and
they all "inspect" each other.  Afterwords, when she's leaving the friends
house, she's strutting away all happily thinking "I guess I'm not 'defective'
after all".