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Library: Newbie guide - How to avoid getting killed by mean highbies


Author: Qurp
Date:Apr 9 1998

My first book is dealing with the problem of newbie pkilling and the reasons
why this often happens.Wise newbie will never get pkilled by highbies and
after some while she/he will be highbie too.But with highbie chasing all the
time doing exp is impossible. a) Never ask highbie to do you exp or give you
cash.Most highbies don't give things for free and they just get annoyed by 15
newbies asking em for help.Ask only if this particular highbie is a _good_
friend of yours. b) Don't ask stupid questions from highbie.If there is
something you want to know desperately ask it on newbie channel first or ask
your friends about it.If by then you don't get an answer then you can ask a
highbie but before you do that check that this highbie isn't in a party with
who command.It's very annoying for a highbie to get several questions while in
a party doing exp or eq. c) Do not offend highbies even if they offend you
first.Just stay quiet.Doing so will most likely keep you out of trouble. d) If
you (newbie) get help from highbie do not automatically consider him/her your
friend and spam him/her with tells.It's like picking blood from your nose. e)
Do not speak fin on public channels except fin channel.When asking something
on channels don't SHOUT or use multiple !'s or ?'s it pisses some highbies
off. f) If you do get killed by highbie it's wise to just keep quiet.Shouting
and screaming wount help,you'd just get killed another time. g) Don't lick
ass.It's disgusting and annoying and most highbies will kill you for it.
That's about it.Follow these and you'll stay alive lot longer.Polite newbies
are also respected by highbies unlike those spamming/screaming/shouting idiot

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