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Library: Newbie Healer's Guide to 3 Man Parties


Author: Mazaharaza
Date:Feb 11 1999

Newbie Healer's Guide to 3 Man Parties (tank,healer,mage)

THIS GUIDE is meant for beginning healers around levels 30-45.

PART 1, Essential skills and spells.

  Healers part in the 3 man parties is an important one,
  and to ensure that the party goes well, you need to have
  the right skills trained and spells studied.

 Most important skills:
  Cast generic
       affects all your spells (help spellcasting)
  Cast heal
       affects all cure and heal spells
  Cast help
       affects unstun & unpain
  Mastery of assistance
       affects the potency of unstun/unpain
  Mastery of medicine
       affects the amount of heal done by healing spells
  Mana control
       saves sp when spell fails
  Quick chant
       makes you chant faster, not very important

 Most important spells:
  Cure serious wounds
  Cure critical wounds
  Major heal
       those are the three basic healing spells
  Deaths door

PART 2, How to Act and Heal Properly in a Party.

  Generally dont waste your Sp.

  If you are low on Sp, do not cast unstuns/unpains unless told
  by the party leader.

  Remeber the proper use of ceremony when not in combat,
  failing unstun and unpain takes lots of Sp.

  Heal the tank always to max Hp quickly, unless told otherwise.
  And remember that healing is your primary job, NOT chatting.

  If you have full Sp and the mage is still regening then cast
  unstun to tank and unpains to both, front and back row.

  And remeber, healing is the most important thing you do,
  so do it well and fast.

  In combat use bigger heals if needed but out of combat ccw or csw,
  unless the monster follows

PART 3, Important to Remember and Proper Party Etiquette.

  Ents dont make proper healers, since some tank and blaster
  races require darkness.

  Most of the times the party leader is a mage who has
  plenty of experience leading partys so he/she doesnt really need
  leading aid,unless he/she asks for it. So keep your mouth shut.

  Dont drool after navigator levels if you dont have enough exp,
  just work on the healing part, nobody likes a sucky healer/nav.

  Mastery of Medicine is the most important skill you will ever get,
  so train it always to level/race max, and dont forget Mastery
  of Assistance, since it is really important when using unstun/unpain.

  You should also study unstun and unpain so high that you dont need
  to use ceremony when casting them. Unstun is more important than unpain.

  Keep your alignment as 'Angel in disguise' so healing spells are
  cheap to cast.

  One very wise man once said: Healers should be seen not heard :)

by Suron and Mazaharaza, 11th of February, 1999