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Library: Night out


Author: Henri
Date:Jun 11 2002

As Jan woke up in the morning he saw the drenching rain outside. He thought
"Oh shit, what should i do today?". After having his breakfast and coffee  he
called to his best friend Carl. Boys discussed on the phone for long after
finally deciding to go play computer games at Carl's place. Jan quickly starts
to put his clothes on. Suddenly as he exits his home he sees a clear sky above

It was noon as Jan enters to Carl's home. After while of playing they both say
the same time "Beer" it was like a magic word coming out of their mouth. THey
both start looking through their wallets and discover alot of money. Jan
happily says "Off the the Supermarket we go then" Carl continues "Yes sire!".
So boys happily start Jan's car and drive to the closest supermarket.

In the supermarket they happily walk to beershelves and grab several sixpacks
with them and return to Carl's place. Hours pass by nicely as they chat and
drink beer. In the evening they both feel like going to bar. Carl thinks he
can still drive and drives to the city. Everything goes nicely and they park
the car news a big park area. Now Jan says "I got a sudden urge to get me some
teenage pussy" Carl desperately trying to convince him that its not a good
idea. They head to the park area anyway.

They wander in the park area seeking for nice-looking girl to seduce. Only ten
minutes pass as they see few lonely looking teenage girls and they go talk
with them. Jan very machoisly start to sweettalk to another ot them at first
the girl doesn't seem to be too willing, but after 10 minutes of more warming
up Jan walks towards the bushes with her. Carl has talked all the time mostly
just being friendly to the other girl and to his surprize her hand wanders to
Carl's groin area... Moment later Carl's private part is in a strange girl's

As time passes Carl's pleasure ends in a cruel way. He feels a strong kick in
the back of his head followed by hit in the back. The girl jumps up and starts
screaming as the beaters keep mutilating Carl. In a flask Jan runs out of the
bushes without his shirt on and charges maniacly towards the beaters who
cowardly run away. Jan immidiately looks at Carl and try to revive him,but he
doesn't respond in any way. The girl already called an ambulance. Carl looks
really bad after getting beat up really bad. Jan thinks why would someone do
that getting his barbaric feelings high. Shortly after the ambulance arrives
and takes Carl with them

Jan clearly enraged calls to some of his friends and asks them to come to the
edge of the park. The friends come quite fast and ask Jan tells them the
description of the beaters his friends back off only giving Jan a big knife.
Jan thinks why are his friends such chickens and starts seeking the beaters
from the park area. He seeks for quite long and as he gets back to the place
where Carl was beaten he seems another one of the beaters takin a pee in the
nearby bush. Jan's eyes burn with rage as he sneaks upon the beater and stabs
him in the back with his knife. The beater falls on the ground and seems
lifeless with his flabby 'thing' in his hands.

Jan's mind calms down and suddenly he is very afraid. He runs away suddenly
feeling very clear-headed. He ends up on a cliff quite far from the park and
just sits there and cries. As time passes some he starts concerning about Carl
more than the beater he stabbed. Feeling clear-headed he thinks he cannot
drive and deciced to take a bus to the hospital

In the hospital he ask about Carl from the clerk ho directs him to him. As Jan
enters Carl's room he sees Carl is binded and his face looks quite mutilated.
Jan gasps as he hears Carl say "good that you came here Jan, i need help". Jan
quickly goes to the bed and asks Carl "Will you be ok my friend? I am so so
sorry that this had to end like this. I olny wanted to have fun" Carl says "I
will be ok, but i need you to be here with me I'm in world of pain" Jan says
"i will be here, i stabbed one of your beaters.. i felt so angry" Carl says
"He got what he deserved, eventho it wasn't right from you", and in the blink
of an eye he falls asleep and starts snoring. Jan starts sitting on the chair
and in few minutes dozes off

In the morning Jan wakes up with a nasty headache. He sees Carl still sleeping
in bed and decied to go get the newspaper. On the way he sees a nurse and goes
to her asking about Carl's condition. Nurse says he will be fine and will be
let home as he wakes up. Slight smile comes upon Jan's face. Nurse says "Its
nice that he has a friend like you to be here with him." where Jan says "we do
what we can do" smiles and keeps on going to get the newspaper. As he gets the
newspaper he sees an article 'Satanworshipper stabbed in park' reading it
closely Jan figures he would be here in hospital and freeze tinges his spine
as he walks back to Carl's room. Carl has woken up and getting dressed looking
very bruised. 30 minutes later they are sitting on the bus going back to town
to get Jan's car. and Carl and Jan say in the exact same time "Never again"