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Author: Ran
Date:Nov 4 1997

  It was actually a dangerous "society" by a group of people
who tended to fight to the death and to try to kill us.  At this time we were
more or less new here, but we could at least speak english.  So we called it

They would appear in groups of 3 or 4 and
try to kill us.  In most cases, they were armed with guns.  But they were
never sucessful in killing anyone, only innocent bystanders.  

Not much was really known about their internal structure.  But it was agreed
that they were one group, and that something had to be done. They were quite
fanatical to begin with, but they seemed to be getting more and more
desperate.  Negotiation was simply imposible.  They wanted the death of
everything non-human.

Fortunately, it ran their numbers thin.  Some people in the group were
arrested for things like cruelty to animals and such.  
They were down to about thirty people, they had to consolidate.  They moved to
another country where they were relatively unknown and
could "practice" freely.  They also stopped killing all nonhumans and tried to
get rid of just us.  There was 6 of us and 30+ of them.

The main problem with their implementation appeared to be their fanatical
nature, which led toward paranoia, and the general lack of differences in
outward appearance between us and humans.  We believe that this caused them to
attack indiscriminately.  For the most part their attacks were on uninvolved
humans who they had mistaken for "aliens".  The authorities (police) believed
they were an un-named gang and would arrest large numbers of their members.