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Author: Lum
Date:Jul 18 1998

This book details an alleged group of BAT players that referred to them as
"The Org", other possible name "batmafia".  The extents of this group is not
believed to be very large, and the scope or infiltration of the group is
highly limited.  The purpose of this book is just to establish that this
group, "The Org", has nothing whatsoever to do with the network, nor does it
aid the network in anyway, nor is it a front group for the network.

It should be noted that the group is more than likely defunct, so the purpose
of this study is historical only.

First, let be very clear about this.  The network has no real dealings on BAT.
 Sure, players can be members of the network, I don't doubt some are.  But,
for the network, BAT is pointless mostly.  Let's face it, there is not a lot
of network influence here, and no wizzes (or above) are known network members.
The network does not really believe in this kind of running away from reality.
 Groups like scientology, HDF, CWA, or other network groups, they attack their
enemies in reality.  They aren't limited to a place that is completely
virtual.  Even though the network does believe in a different reality than
what reality really is, it doesn't believe in running away and as a whole,
sees no value in a completely virtual thing like this.

On the other hand, the "Org's" recruitment documents, and just aboiut
everything else about this group plays off a hardcore bat players want for
advancement.  There are numerous instances of this.  The "Org" seems to have
no purpose other than being such an orgonization, and that being said it's
motives for existing do not agree with the network's.  The Org does not try to
change reality, it doesn't even try to change BAT, it simply wants

The network is not an overly secretive orgonization.  Honestly, one has little
problems spotting network groups or network front groups.  The only difficulty
of the network is spotting high-level network groups.  Given any group, it is
not too hard to tell if it's a possible network group or not.  For instance,
the quickest way to find a network group is to look for groups that exist for
no other true purpose except to attack something, either another group, an
individual, a state of mind, a belief, or a person.  Often times, the target
changes.  But there is no joke about it, and the attacks are mostly 

"The Org", on the other hand, seems to be one massive cover-up.  A group that
was probably much, much smaller than it pretends to be, and much, much less
dangerous than it threatened to be.  In short, the "Org" had to be secretive,
the very nture of the org was secretive.  If the org wasn't secretive, it
could not exist.  B'cos 9/10ths of what Org members claimed was taken on
faith, not from evidence.  On a very secretive orginization can exist this
way, an orgonization that does anything openly like this will be very
short-lasted.  A group that claims to have many secret members has much more
chance of sucess (when they're lying) than what that claims to have many
self-proclaiming members.  This is a simple fact.

Related to (1).  More evidence that the people w/in the Org care greatly 
about BAT.  In this game, even if you delete someone's character, they can
simply make another one.  If you ban their site, they can simply find another
site.  It's really hard to keep a player off if they really have nothing to
lose.  The network is like this.  A network player wouldn't really care too
much if you deleted their character.  If anyone in the network is here, it's
just for exploration or "reality".  They would not care one bit about virtual
power or BAT-money or BAT-power or such.