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Library: On Sprite Thieves


Author: Mira
Date:Nov 22 1995

Since sprites have been given limbs (bravo, wizzies) I have met two new
sprites.  Sadly, they both turned out to be thieves.  This seemed odd.  Why
would a cute little faerie do something so malicious?  That's when reasons
came to me.

1) The unexpected factor.  Would you see it coming if Sprite Sprite the Sprite
Sprite slipped a shiv in your ribs? Of course not. 2) We all know how easy it
is for a thief to get experience.  Well, sprites need even LESS so shoot up
like a rocket.

3) thier flight makes them immune to water damage.  Why does that make them a
thief race? Because they can summon you over water.  Oh, gee, you died cause
you're allergic.  Plus, this means you can't use pools to defend your castle
as easily, you merfolks with castles.

4) sprites have superb dexterities, which is good for all thief skills, from
GUt Like A Fish to Grubby Little Fingers.

5) because they can see in the dark, you orcs, vampires, and yes even liches
have no-where to hide.

6) thier small size and strength, normally a disadvantage, is nothing for a
sprite thief to worry about.  They need only steal one item at a time, then
rush off to chest/sell/donate.  Plus, I worked it out, and a sprite can carry
exactly one box or chest.  So they hit less hard in combat. So what? Have you
ever seen the thief in a fair fight? Mages have less hp because they tend to
start a fight with a blasting.  Thieves do the same with Garrote the F*cker
and Triple-Backstabing Bladed Fury, which is CONCEALED thus can't get monsters
pissed off at hostile actions.

6) They can pick up all spells AND spells to high percents. SHUDDER. Thieves
are argueably the most balance skill/spell guild there is.  With limbs that
enable them to use all these skills (mostly Club From Behind), this makes
high-level sprite thieves VERY dangerous.

7) I bet you thought you could hide from thieves by going invisible.  Heh. 
Won't work from those pixies.

8) they heal faster, too.  So you managed to get in a swing or two, they'll be
back before you can.

I hope this gives you food for thought.  Be afraid...of the sprite.