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Library: one reason why


Author: Lum
Date:Feb 11 1998

One of the many reasons why I think they're evil:

Warning!!!  You have been warned.

Hikaru is trying to expose Himeko, she found about about the ribbon earlier. 
First she holds up a mirror in front of Himeko and tells her to say the words
to transform.  Erika, spying on both from her crystal ball is quie alarmed,
but Himeko isn't, Hikaru doesn't tell her the right words.  So Himeko says the
words Hikaru tells her to, nothing hapens.  Erika sighs in relief.  Himeko
tells Hikaru she's crazy for thinking she's a magician.
  But Hikaru isn't letting up.  She gets a reporter to set up a meeting with
Himeko (as Hikaru) and Himeko is set up, she walks into a trap.  Hikaru jumps
out from behind the bushes and the reporter pulls out a camera, ready to take
a picture of the two of them.  Erika, watching from her crystal ball is really
alarmed, and decides to interfere.  Erika teleports to the real world and
freezes time around Himeko.  Everything in the world -- including the reporter
and Hikaru are motionless.  Himeko is glad to see Erika and thinks Erika saved
her.  But Erika just wanted to keep the magic world secret.  B'cos of the time
distortion, Himeko's ribbon starts ticking, so she runs back to a washroom. 
But b'cos Erika froze time, she can't open the door, b'cos the door is frozen
in time.  She gets Erika to try to stop the spell, and finally Erika tries but
can't.  They both panic.  Erika realizes she had to sacrifice Himeko to keep
her own world a secret, and then realizes she really fucked up and lost her
only friend in the real world.  Himeko's ribbon stops ticking which means she
can't change back period, she's stuck as Hikaru forever.  Eventually time
restarts and the King of the magical world is really pissed at his daughter
  He banishes (kicks out) his daughter from the magic world until she has her
(first or next) period -- what a bizzare punishment - and refuses to (or
can't) change back Himeko.  Erika begs him, she says she doesn't care what
happens to herself, she just wants him to give Himeko her life back.  But the
king says the only way she can change back is if she dies, again he can't (or
won't) do it.  Erika cries, Himeko is just dazes out.  Eventually Himeko
realizes time isn't stopped anymore, Hikaru could find them, so they'd better
get out of there.  Himeko leads Erika (crying) back to the deserted house. 
This is where it begins to get really sad.
  Himeko realizes she can't go back to her parents, since she's not herself
anymore.  So Erika cuts her hair to look like Himeko and goes instead.  When
Erika shows up at Himeko's house, her parents are throwing her a suprise
birthday-party, and her friends and family give her presents -- thinking she's
Himeko of course.  Erika starts to feel some remourse, especially b'cos she
has to "sit in" for Himeko at her own party.
  Back at Hikaru and the reporter, Hikaru yells "Where'd she go!  She
vanished!  She's even more powerful (a magician) than we bargained for!" and
tries to run off, but trips over a well-placed soda can.  

  Himeko's staying at the abandoned house lamenting, she alternates between
being hysterical and just depressed.  Daichi tries to comfort her, eventually
the three of them agree to go somewhere far away where no one can harass them.
 There's a short scene with Daichi convincing Hikaru she's crazy, Hikaru
sweats and runs off (she likes Daichi).  A lot of time passes, there's stories
about Erika's problems "being" Himeko at school (she doesn't know any math)
and the reporter's boss punishing him for not getting the story.  Eventually
the King sends a letter to Ren telling him to look after his daughter and not
let her get killed in the real world, since the real world is a dangerous
place.  So Ren says he'll go along with the three of them to the resort.

At the resort, Daichi and Himeko are talking in the rain, Erika is running
toward them.  But there's a rockslide, and a huge rock is about to drop on
Erika.  Himeko realises this and charges her, shoving her out of the way.  But
the rock falls on Himeko instead, and shatters.  Himeko's on the ground, she
doesn't move.  Erika tries to wake her, but it seems she's dead.  As she dies
she changes back to herself, but then she suddenly opens her eyes and hops
back up.  
  Cut to the magic world, the King is watching the TV showing Himeko.  This
room is lined with many TVs.  The king teleports in and says he used his
powers to bring Himeko back to life, b'cos she saved his daughter's life, and
that fortunately the damage to her body wasn't that bad, so it was possible. 
He says he realizes that the real world is a dangerous place and will take
Erika back now.  Everyone goes home happy, Himeko's parents scold her for
disappearing for so long but she doesn't care, she's still happy to have her
life back and to be alive.