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Library: past things and revenge


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Mar 18 1997

This is just a book about past things.  That's all.

"She seems very sweet, but she's not a nice person.  Inside she's
mean-spirited, very clever, and vengefull.  Even though she was my childhood
friend, and quite good back then, when she came here I discovered she has a
split personality and a bitter hatred toward me.  She imagine that many years
ago I was responsible for all the bad things that happen in her life, and
tries to take it out on me."
That was about Piiki.  And then Duncan thought Piiki was so cute that he
wanted Piiki as a girlfriend, and would force Piiki to change into beautiful
girl.  But Piiki needed to exercise Piiki's form, and this is why Piiki became
split-personality.  If Piiki isn't forced to be a beautiful girl all the time,
then Piiki is much more caring and human. And that is one reason why Duncan,
who is also a member of the church is so upset at me.  B'cos he wanted Piiki
so badly, and got very upset when Piiki was "taken away" (left).  And he
blamed that on me.  Also his church hates me.  Fortunately Piiki is a very
good cook.  Piiki doesn't need to rely on being very pretty to get what Piiki
wants.  Piiki knows some magick, and also has some heavy weapons and a number
of other useful things.  So Piiki can take care of Piiki-self, even the Duncan
often try to kidnap Piiki.  

Now, there is Duncan.  Like you, he also has powers of his own.  Fortunately
they are not that useful.  The powers come about because he come from a "line"
of human that are "genetic construct".  They are not magick powers, or natural
powers.  In fact, Duncan and other members of this "line" are incapibable of
understand magick.  They also can't have babies with humans, the only way they
can reproduce is themselves.  So they are generally forced by their parents to
get maried to someone else from their "line", so they can have many babies as
they are becoming rare and dying off.  Most of them are quite desperate and
rebellious.  Also, their powers are hereditary, with the mom being dominant in
female children and the father being dominant in male children.

The other thing is that most girls from the "line" are quite powerful and
rebellious, becoming tomboys or rather violent.  And the boys from the "line"
see this as uncute and won't have anything to do with them, so they will leave
their families and seek out ordinary humans for wives.  I know what the girls
are like b'cos Mika was/is one of them.  The final step was when girls started
liking other girls more than boys from their own line, which made the boys
very pissed (I don't understand them why, they didn't want to marry these
girls to begin with).  So now there is a violent struggle going on between all
members of the "line".  The girls have picked a powerful person as a
"princess" to lead them and are winning, because they get along much better
than everyone else.  Anyway, that is the storey of your race, not mine.

I am not made to get along with your people, you are just a bunch of greedy
and self-righteous and condescending idiots.  I can't consider someone like
you a friend, so too bad.  Go find some other person to have a relationship
with.  It won't be me. You're no friend of mine.  Mika wasn't that bad.

Details, rumors, etc.  There are a number of details, rumors, and other things
which come from unreliable sources.  As they are unconfirmed, I wouldn't bet
on any of these being totally true.  But there could be some truth to them. A
list of them follow.  Things which seem feasible, or which have a decent
chance of having some truth to them I'll note that in ()'s.  

There are a number of myths revolving around the fact that people from "the
line" are aliens which are very advanced technologically and genetically. 
Theoretically possible, sure, but not likely.  It is rumored that they have
spacefaring technology but yet that their society is less decadent than ours. 
I somehow find this hard to believe, as any spacefaring "alien race" would be
more technically advanced then us, and therefore have had a much longer time
to think up dumb social ideas and ways to live or pastimes and such. 

Related to this, there are rumors that people in "the line" are somehow
different than ordinary humans.  While still humanoid, mammalian, they
supposedly have certain distinguishing features which would include:  fangs,
slightly "demonic"-looking eyes, non-human hair colors such as violet, orange,
green, or blue, horns in wierd places, slightly pointed ears, and such. I find
this quite doubtful.  I mean some of these things are quite noticable.